Debate rehash: Get to know the presidential candidates

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Last night was the second night of the July Presidential Primary Debates, featuring once again the field of Democratic candidates. Debates are a great way to get to know the candidates positions, temperaments, similarities and differences. The Democratic National Committee has sanctioned up to 12 debates, with six in 2019 and six in 2020. Start now getting to know the candidates so you can be an educated voter in the 2020 elections!


  • Get to know the Presidential candidates for 2020 so you can make an educated vote on Super Tuesday by reading our Guide to the 2020 Presidential Primaries (below) and using helpful resources in the links to find out more about the candidates and the debate rundowns.
  • Mark your calendar for upcoming Presidential debates (see dates listed below).
  • Mark your calendar for the March 3 Presidential Primary elections now to make sure you to make time to vote on Super Tuesday (Marc 3, 2020)!

Guide to the 2020 Presidential Primaries

Who is running? Currently the field of candidates includes 24 Democrats and 2 Republicans. Find out who they are. Find links to candidate websites here.

When are the Primary Elections? Utah’s Presidential Primary Elections will be held on “Super Tuesday” on March 3, 2020. The Democratic and Republican Primaries will be held on the same day in Utah. Presidential Primaries and Caucuses in other states will be held from Feb 3 through June 16th, though a large number of states will also hold their primaries on Super Tuesday. See the Primary Election Schedule here.

Who can vote? All registered voters in Utah, though each voter must choose either a Democratic or Republican ballot, and may not vote in both parties’ primaries. Be sure to register at least 30 days in advance in person or 7 days in advance online or by text! How to register to vote.

Second Presidential Debates (July 30-31, 2019)

First Presidential Debates (June 26-27, 2019)

Upcoming Presidential Debates:

  1. September 12-13 – Democratic debates hosted by ABC, location TBD
  2. October – Details TBD
  3. November – Details TBD
  4. December – Details TBD
  5. January – Details TBD
  6. January/February – Details TBD
  7. February – Details TBD
  8. February – Details TBD
  9. March – Details TBD
  10. April – Details TBD

Debate Tickets – US Presidential Election News has a great description on how to get tickets to attend events in person. Check back for more ticket updates frequently as more debate information becomes available.

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