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August 2nd, 2019|Action of the Day|0 Comments

There are so many things going on in our community, it can be overwhelming to know where to put your energy to use. At Action Utah we look at data from many sources to understand what issues a majority of Utahns care about most, and prioritize those issues in the actions and information we bring to community members every day. We know that not all Utahns have the same top issues and that your highest concern may not be on the top priority list of most Utahns. Figuring out how to make an impact often begins with figuring out what YOU care about most, why, and how you want to make an impact.

We’re here to help you figure out what you care about so you can make a difference!


  • Sign up for our upcoming Advocacy Bootcamp! Session 1 teaches you how to identify your political passion. Get an overview of Utah’s top priorities and how to hone in on what issues are important to you, why, and how to articulate your stances. Plus, advocates on the front lines will share their stories about why engagement matters. We hope you will join us for this rare opportunity to work closely with people just like you, who started with a political passion and turned it into a way to advocate on the issues they care about most.

But you better hurry – space is limited, and this workshop will fill up! Take advantage of early bird pricing of just $99 through August 8th!

Click here to learn more details about the workshop and to register before prices go up!

  • Learn more about our top priority issues at Action Utah. Did you know Action Utah has a mandate to work on the issues that data shows Utahns care about most? We use sources like Utah Foundation, Envision Utah, Dan Jones Polling, Hinckley Institute, and others to pick the issues that matter to a majority of us and provide advocacy and information to help our members engage issues on the state and national level. Our four primary issue areas are:

Public Health – Policies that better our society both medically and economically by improving access to care for all community members and reduce costs in order to improve individual lives and benefit the community as a whole

Families and communities – Policies that strengthen families and impact the overall safety, wellbeing and education of the Utah population, that promote harmony between neighbors and understanding between all

Environmental Stewardship – Policies that safeguard the beauty and diverse natural resources of our great state in an economically viable way, to maintain a healthy living environment for our people and to honor our culture and heritage, good economic practices and our recreational habits

Government – Policies that improve accountability, ethics, accessibility, representation and transparency of government to protect our Democracy and make it as robust and vibrant as ever

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