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August 8th, 2019|URGENT Action|0 Comments

The recent tragic mass shootings have resulted in a lot of talk in Congress and here in Utah about something called a “red flag law” to save lives from suicides and mass shootings.

Sign our petition to pass a red flag law to save lives in Utah!

Utah’s proposed red flag law would allow a family member or law enforcement to petition a judge to temporarily remove firearms from a person who poses a danger to themselves or others. This bill was developed with input from a wide range of stakeholders, including law enforcement and gun owners. It includes due process, strong evidentiary standards and strict penalties for false accusations.

17 states have already passed red flag laws, and they are shown to significantly reduce suicides and prevent other firearm deaths, such as mass shootings.

68% of Utahs support red flag laws, including Republicans, Democrats and gun owners. So does President Trump, Rep. Chris Stewart and Rep. John Curtis. Sen. Mitt Romney also recently expressed support for the goal of these laws.

Utah’s leaders need to hear from their constituents to pass life-saving policy in Utah!

That’s why we created a petition asking Governor Herbert, House Speaker Brad Wilson and Senate President Stuart Adams to pass Utah’s red flag law. Let’s show Utah leaders that Utahns are ready for thoughtful policy to save lives in Utah.

Help us get to 1,000 signatures by signing our petition today — and be sure to share it with your friends!

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