It’s primary election day – VOTE! (And prep for the general election)

August 13th, 2019|Action of the Week|0 Comments

Today is the 2019 Primary Municipal Election! Time to get out the vote!

Every year, Utah holds nonpartisan municipal elections to select officials for city government and special service districts like sewer, water and parks and rec. Whenever more than two people file as candidates for a single seat of office, a primary election is held to narrow down the field of candidates.

Why vote today? Utah has a trend of low voter turnout, especially in primary elections and especially in municipal elections. But when fewer people vote, your vote counts even more. Also, municipal officials make decisions that impact our daily lives. It’s important to have a voice in choosing who is making those decisions for you.


  • VOTE! If your municipality is holding a primary election today and you have not already voted early or mailed in a ballot, cast your vote in person at the polls before the end of the day. Find out if you are eligible to vote in a primary election today and find your polling location at Please note, if you are not registered to vote but want to cast a ballot today, you may register today at the polls and cast a provisional ballot. Find answers to other voter questions in our 2019 VOTER GUIDE.
  • Share this to make sure others vote today as well!
  • Don’t have a municipal election in your area? Get ready for the November 5th General Municipal Election by
    • Marking your calendar now
    • Signing our 2019 Voter Pledge to commit to voting and receive email reminders of important election dates
    • Checking out our 2019 VOTER GUIDE
    • Registering to vote now so you are eligible to vote in your municipal election in November

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