Get funding for the 2020 Census BEFORE MONDAY!

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Census 2020 is around the corner! This once in a decade event is critical for communities across the country, including right here in Utah. Census numbers are used to determine allocation of federal government representation and federal funding of state programs and to provide key statistical information for business and policy research and analysis of the efficacy of government programs.

Funding and other resources are essential to ensure a fair and accurate census count that leads to maximum benefit of the census for Utahns and to provide strong privacy and security protections of confidential information.

This winter, state legislators failed to allocate any funding toward the 2020 Census to ensure a fair and accurate count. Now some lawmakers are admitting that they may have “missed the boat” during the legislative session and are proposing to allocate up to $1M toward ensuring that everyone gets counted. Legislators will vote on the funding during the special session THIS MONDAY, September 16!


Let’s make sure legislators fund the 2020 Census to ensure that Utahns receive the maximum benefit!

Be sure to spread the word to others to take action to support the 2020 Census!


What is the Census?

Every 10 years, as mandated by the constitution, the United States conducts a “Decennial Census.” The goal of the census is to count the entire population of the country in the place where they are living. This includes all people regardless of age, housing situation, or citizenship status. It’s the only time we count everyone. The Census Bureau takes many surveys of people throughout the decade, but those are samples. They use population estimates based on the Decennial Census to decide how many people to sample from each community, so if we get the Decennial Census wrong, every census survey for the next decade is also distorted

How is Census Data Used?

Census data shapes the future of our communities, and is the basis for apportioning representation and  drawing legislative districts school districts, and voting precincts. Of specific importance to community action, Census data determines how over $800 billion in federal government resources will be distributed each year, for essential programs like CSBG, Head Start, LiHEAP, and SNAP. Additionally, Census data is used informing local level decisions such as housing and business development that impact the health and wealth of our communities.

How do I learn more about the 2020 Census?

The 2020 Census is operated by the US Census Bureau. The US Census Bureau website includes resources and information about all aspects of the 2020 Census, from how the Census will be conducted, Census hiring plans, to information about how communities can partner with the Census Bureau to ensure everyone is counted.

Visit the US Census Bureau Website here.

Check out “Why an Accurate Census Count in 2020 Matters” by the Bipartisan Policy Institute.

Want to do more?

Take these three actions to support the 2020 Census in Utah!

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