Support Utah schools: one simple thing you can do today!

October 1st, 2019|Action of the Week|0 Comments

For several years, Rep. Marie Poulson (D-Salt Lake) has proposed a solution to fix the flawed school grading system whereby Utah schools are evaluated by receiving a single letter grade based on the results of student standardized testing. The current system creates an inaccurate picture of school quality and leads to segregation, low enrollment and loss of funding for schools. The proposed fix is simple and has been supported by the UEA, Utah State Board of Education, the UTA PTA, teachers, administrators and families. There is added urgency because in 2019, issues with end-of-year RISE testing has provided inaccurate data upon which to base these school grades.

The time to pass new school metrics is now. Take a minute to ask your state school board member to support Rep. Marie Poulson’s proposal for School Accountability Metrics during the 2020 Session!


Even though educators and administrators in public schools have spoken loud and clear that school grading is ineffective, the Legislature and State School Board have only made minor modifications. Now is the time for our State School Board reps to lead out in support of Rep. Poulson’s simple fix to improve school accountability!

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