Hey Utah students! Be a part of Project #KnowYourVoteUt!

October 8th, 2019|Action of the Week|0 Comments

Voter turnout in Utah has been trending as one of the lowest in the nation for many years. One primary reason eligible voters — particularly younger voters — state for not voting is the lack of information about who is on their ballot.

Introducing Project #KnowYourVoteUt

This year, a group of high school students in Salt Lake County have decided to do something to help voters get to know candidates on their ballots by surveying everyone who is running for office and making their answers publicly available on one easy-to-use website.

The goals of this student-led initiative are to:

  • Educate and mobilize voters to participate in elections by providing survey information on the candidates.
  • Engage students across Utah in collective participation in elections in order to bring them into the political process, instill an appreciation for the power of voting and begin a life-long habit of participating in elections – even while they are still too young to vote.

Project #KnowYourVoteUt works by utilizing a network of Utah high school students – administrators, recruiters and ambassadors — in a collective effort to run and market the project.

That’s where you come in!


  • Are you a high school student in Utah? Volunteer to join the project! This year’s pilot project will focus on Salt Lake County, BUT the students are already building toward the 2020 election and need students from across the state to help out! Simply email us at knowyourvoteut@gmail.com to sign up!
  • Spread the word to other high school students who may be interested by sharing this action!
  • Get the news out to the community about Project #KnowYourVoteUt by posting and tweeting on social media (right click on the images to save the graphics below!) and use the hashtag #KnowYourVoteUt
Know Your Vote Utah
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