3 Ways to participate in Interim next week!

October 10th, 2019|Action of the Day|0 Comments

Each month between May and November state legislators come together for an “Interim Session” to study issues and policy proposals facing our state and draft legislation. This is a great opportunity to witness our State Legislature in action and learn how to participate to make an impact. Interim committee meetings are held throughout the day and are open to the public. The next Interim Session is WEDNESDAY, October 16th, and Action Utah will be there all day. We invite you to come along!


Take a quick peek at our resource What is Interim? to find out more about Interim Session. Then…

  1. Attend Interim with Action Utah as an observer! Attending Interim can be not only fun and informative, it can also be helpful to other Utahns! Meet with our team, sit in a committee hearing, record your observations and we’ll share what you learned with our members. No experience necessary, and we’ll be there to guide you. Email us to join us as an observer at Interim Session (committee meetings are at 8:15-11:15a and 1:00-4:00p)!
  2. Join Action Utah for our lunchtime event “Interim 101!” to find out more what happens during Interim and how community members can participate. REGISTER HERE
  3. Listen to Interim on your own. Listen to committee hearings live or later via the State Legislative Website at le.utah.gov.


  1. It’s the public’s right to know what our legislators are talking about – that’s why all meetings and buildings are open to the public!
  2. Interim can be fun! Seriously. Spend 15 minutes in a committee meeting, and you might just get hooked!
  3. It’s an excellent way to learn about our political process, the issues and how our legislators are talking about them!
  4. It’s a chance to meet your own state legislators. Send a quick email or text to your legislators before tomorrow to see if they have 5 minutes to meet with you so you can see who represents you on Capitol Hill and what they care about. You can share with them what issues you care about too!
  5. It’s helpful to your community advocacy efforts to know more about how our system works.


Can’t come to Capitol Hill this month? There will be one more chance to witness Interim in action next month on Wednesday, November 20th. Mark your calendar now! Action Utah will be there all day. Join us for our lunchtime Tour & Talk: Spotlight on Suicide Prevention. REGISTER HERE.

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