Last public hearing on tax reform is TODAY!

November 25th, 2019|Action of the Day|0 Comments

The State Legislature recently announced a proposal for tax reform to be voted on in a special session coming up shortly. The proposal drew criticism from poverty advocates concerned about raising food tax to cover a proposed income tax cut (a proposal 2/3 of Utahns oppose due to its regressive nature) and concern from education experts about the impacts of income tax cuts on the education system — specifically a controversial accompanying proposal that would remove the constitutional requirement that income tax be directed exclusively for education spending.

Despite public pleas to slow down the process, the legislature is moving ahead with a special session before the end of the year, and the third and final public meeting of the task force is TODAY AT 5:00PM. This is a chance to hear legislators speak about the proposal and influence the shaping of the bill with public testimony and advocacy.


  • Attend the third and final public hearing on tax reform at 5:00pm TODAY at the State Capitol in 30 House Building (west building, basement level – mapdriving and parking directions). If you can’t attend in person, listen in live or later to the audio via the links on today’s meeting documents listed on the task force’s page on the legislative website. This page lists the agenda and materials for the today’s meeting as well as materials and audio for past meetings.
  • Read the draft summary of the current proposal. Tax reform is extremely complex, and the top proposal has undergone revisions in the past few weeks. Stay informed by reading the draft Executive Summary. You can also check out alternative proposals that have been rejected by the task force in the meeting materials links from past meetings on the Tax Reform Task Force’s legislative webpage.

Want to do more?

  • Call, email or set up a brief meeting with your state representative and state senator to talk through your concerns, support or opposition to the tax reform proposal . Find out who represents you and how to contact them at Or use our easy tools to email your state representative and state senator.
  • Write a letter to the editor or oped about the tax reform proposal, the process or what you would like to see lawmakers and/or community members do to create the best tax policy for our state. Use our tips on how to write an effective letter to the editor.

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