Last chance to submit public comments on changes to Medicaid!

December 3rd, 2019|Action of the Week|2 Comments

After the State Legislature altered the Medicaid expansion plan passed by voters in Prop 3 (the Medicaid ballot initiative) the state was required to submit a variety of waivers to the federal government asking permission to implement the alterations that are not consistent with current federal guidelines.

We are now in the last phase of public comment on those waivers, and this is our last chance to speak up about restrictions the waivers would put in place, such as caps and work requirements that pose barriers to care. If the final waiver is denied, per the Utah Medicaid law, the state must revert to implementing full Medicaid expansion, as the voters wanted.

Your public comments matter!

These comments do not go to the legislature but directly to the federal government. If/when the government does not adequately respond to public concerns, the comments will be used in legal challenges. We know they have an impact, because comments have been cited in decisions overturning work reporting requirements in Arkansas and Kentucky.

But you must hurry – the deadline for comments is December 7th!


  • Submit a public comment on Utah’s Medicaid expansion waiver by clicking here BEFORE THE DEADLINE ON DECEMBER 7TH! You can write about how work reporting requirements or caps impact you or people you know. Or you can simply write “disapprove” if you don’t agree with the proposals to restrict access to Medicaid.


Find out more about work requirements and the state’s fallback plan using these resources from UHPP:

  • One-page rundown of the Fallback Plan is available here: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  • Work requirements fact sheet available HERE
  • One-page summary of the new cost sharing requirements under the “Fallback Plan” waiver available HERE
  • Updated Fallback Plan page on the UHPP site HERE
  • New report showing the lifesaving benefits of full expansion


  1. Julia Lyon December 4, 2019 at 10:29 am

    I disapprove of Utah’s restrictions on Medicaid use and believe more people should receive coverage.

  2. Kathleen L Lundy December 7, 2019 at 2:12 pm

    We voted for MEDICAID Expansion….ENCACT IT….NOW….

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