New Year’s Resolution #1: Plan to get civically engaged

December 30th, 2019|Action of the Day|0 Comments

Civic engagement improves our communities and ultimately creates a more responsive government. In Utah, one person can sway a vote or change the conversation around an issue that matters to you. But civic engagement is a habit, just like brushing our teeth, eating and exercising. We have to plan time to make it happen. Even if you only take 5 minutes a week or a month, EVERY ACTION MATTERS.

Now it is even easier to make a plan to get civically engaged using Action Utah’s new tool!

Make a resolution to get more civically engaged in 2020!

Don’t worry — Action Utah can help you! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Think about what issues matter to you the most. It’s okay if you start with 18 issues, or no issues at all. Eventually, we recommend narrowing down to just one issue for now to help you practice engagement and alleviate the overwhelm from feeling like you must take action on all the things you care about. Give yourself permission to focus on just one issue for 3-4 months. You can always come back to other issues you care about later. Focusing your actions for now can help you make a meaningful impact.
  2. Calendar time for engagement. Civic engagement is a habit, like sleeping, eating and exercising. Scheduling regular time in your calendar — even if it’s only five minutes a week or a month — makes it more likely that you will take action. And remember, EVERY ACTION MATTERS!
  3. Sign up for Action Utah emails. We’ll send you actions, events and updates that keep you informed — delivered in one simple weekly email directly to your inbox. Getting civically engaged has never been easier! Click here to subscribe.
  4. Make your civic engagement plan today! Click here to get our step-by-step tool “Make a Civic Engagement Plan” with instructions to get you started taking action and making a difference.

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