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2020 State Leg Session Bill Tracker

The 2020 State Legislative Session runs for 45 consecutive days between January 27 and March 12, 2020. During this time, state legislators will consider and vote on over 1,300 bills and balance our state’s budget. Action Utah will continually update this list of our top bills within our legislative priorities. Find out more about our State Legislature, how to find out who represents you and how our political system works in our Resources section.  Download our State Legislative Session Advocacy Guide here.

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Legislative Goal: Expanding access and reducing costs

Bill No.Bill Name/DescriptionBill Sponsor(s)Lobbying KitAU PositionStatus
HB 13Children's Hearing Aid ProgramRep. Stewart Barlow (R-Fruit Heights)SUPPORTPASSED
Extends the repeal date of the current program to July 1, 2025. Sen. Jani Iwamoto (D-Salt Lake City)
HB 38Substance Use and Healthcare AmendmentsRep. Brad Daw (R-Orem)SUPPORTPASSED
Puts inmates on Medicaid 30 days prior to release if they have a behavioral health issue. Sen. Allen Christensen (R-Ogden)
HB 58E-Cigarette Use by MinorsRep. Susan Pulsipher (R-S. Jordan)SUPPORTPASSED
Addresses student use of alcohol, tobacco, electronic cigarette products, other substances through education and prevention programs and discipline policies. Sen. Lincoln Filmore (R- South Jordan)
HB 118Retail Tobacco Specialty Business AmendmentsRep. Jen Dailey-Provost (D-Salt Lake)SUPPORTFAILED
Redefines a retail tobacco specialty business to include any retailer that sells a tobacco product.Sen. Evan Vickers (R-Cedar City)
HB 195Identifying Wasteful Healthcare SpendingRep. Suzanne Harrison (D- Draper)SUPPORTPASSED
Requires the Department of Health to identify and analyze wasteful spending practices in healthcare and make recommendations.Sen. Evan Vickers (R-Cedar City)
HB 207Insulin Access Amendments Rep. Norman Thurston (R- Provo)SUPPORTPASSED
Attempts to decrease insulin prices by creating an incentive for health insurance companies to reduce copays. Sen. Deidre Henderson (R- Salt Lake City)
HB 210Insurance Coverage for Children Amendments Rep. Ray Ward (R-Bountiful) SUPPORTFAILED
Ensures 12 Months continuous eligibility for children on Medicaid.
HB 272Pharmacy Benefit AmendmentsRep. Paul Ray (R-Clearfield)SUPPORTPASSED
Defines rules and regulations of pharmacy benefit managers in order to protect customers and pharmacists.
HB 363PEHP AmendmentsRep. Suzanne Harrison (D-Draper)SUPPORTFAILED
Allows PEHP to enter into agreement with other state health plans to negotiate better rates on prescription drug prices.Sen. Curtis Bramble (R-Provo)
HB 442Children's Hearing Aid Program Modifications Rep. Norman Thurston (R- Provo)OPPOSEFAILED
Requires assistance to be given on a sliding scale based on the income of the child's family and requires some assistance to be given as a loan.
HCR 7Encouraging Congressional Action on Medicare Drug PricesRep. Suzanne Harrison (D-Draper)PASSED
Encourages Congress to provide policy tools to negotiate significant reductions in Medicare drug prices.Sen. Evan Vickers (R-Cedar City)
HJR 24Extending the State Emergency Due to Infectious Disease Covid-19 Novel CoronavirusRep. Paul Ray (R-Clearfield)SUPPORTPASSED
Extends the state of emergency declared by Gov. Herbert on March 6, 2020 to June 30, 2020, per the governor's request, to protect health and safety due to infections disease.
SB 37Electronic Cigarette and Other Nicotine Product AmendmentsSen. Allen Christensen (R-Ogden)SUPPORTPASSED
Changes permitting requirements, excise taxes and penalties for e-cigs and other nicotine products.Rep. Paul Ray (R-Clearfield)
SB 40Youth E-Cigarette, Marijuana and Other Drug Prevention ProgramSen. Allen Christensen (R-Ogden)SUPPORTFAILED
Establishes a drug prevention program at the DOH and a committee to advise it.Rep. Paul Ray (R-Clearfield)


Legislative Goal: Promoting stewardship of our air, climate, water and land.

Bill No.Bill Name/DescriptionBill Sponsor(s)Lobbying KitAU PositionStatus
HB 59Tax Credit for Alternative Fuel Heavy Duty VehiclesRep. Andrew Stoddard (D-Salt Lake)SUPPORTPASSED
Extends an existing tax credit for alternative fuel heavy duty vehicles through 2029.Sen. Lincoln Filmore (R-S. Jordan)
HB 88School and Child Care Water Testing RequirementsRep. Steve Handy (R-Layton)SUPPORTFailed in the House
Requires testing drinking water for lead at schools and child care centers.
HB 176Vehicle Emissions Reduction ProgramRep. Jeff Stenquist (R-Draper)SUPPORTFAILED
Reduces emissions by retiring and replacing the dirtiest, failing cars on the road.
HB 194Clean and Renewable Energy Requirement AmendmentsRep. Ray Ward (R-Bountiful) SUPPORTFAILED
Sets state targets for energy derived from renewable sources.Sen. Curtis Bramble (R-Provo)
HB 235Voluntary Home Energy Information Pilot ProgramRep. Patrice Arent (D-Millcreek)SUPPORTPASSED
Creates a pilot program to inform potential homebuyers and sellers about energy efficiency, cost savings and air quality impacts of single-family homes.Sen. Curtis Bramble (R-Provo)
HB 259Electric Vehicle Charging NetworkRep. Robert Spendlove (R-Sandy)SUPPORTPASSED
Creates a state-wide electric vehicle charging network plan to build out charging stations every 50 miles along certain highways by Dec. 2025.
HB 317Nonroad Engine StudyRep. Steve Handy (R-Layton)SUPPORTFailed in House
Directs the DAQ to study non-road vehicles’ emissions impact on pollution.This bill excludes agricultural equipment.
HB 396Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure AmendmentsRep. V. Lowry Snow (R-St. George)SUPPORTFavorable Recommendation by Senate Transportation, Public Utilities, Energy, and Technology Committee
Authorizes the Public Service Commission to allow a large-scale electric utility to recover the utility's investment in electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
HCR 11Supporting the Utah Roadmap for Positive Solutions and Leadership on Climate and Air QualityRep. Joel Briscoe (D-Salt Lake City)SUPPORTHouse Rules Committee
Commits Utah to leadership and innovation reducing emissions using the Utah Roadmap as a guiding principle.
SB 51Secondary Water AmendmentsSen. Jake Anderegg (R-Lehi)SUPPORTPassed House and Senate
Requires metering of pressurized secondary water.Rep. Carl Albrecht (R-Salt Lake)
SB 77Electric Energy Related Tax CreditSen. Derek Kitchen (D-Salt Lake)SUPPORTReturned to House Rules Committee
Creates an income tax credit for the purchase of an electric energy storage asset and certain commercial class 8 alternative fuel vehicles.Rep. Val Peterson (R-Orem)
SB 78Energy Storage Innovation, Research, and Grant Program ActSen. Lincoln Fillmore (R-Salt Lake)SUPPORTCircled in House
Creates a grant program to advance energy storage technology and useRep. Tim Hawkes (R-Centerville)
SCR 12Concurrent Resolution Concerning Climate ActionSen. Kirk Cullimore (R-Sandy)SUPPORTSent to Senate Business and Labor Committee
Supports federal action to address climate change
AppropriationAIr Quality FundingSUPPORT
$100M was recommended by Gov. Herbert toward air quality measures, particularly transit and electric vehicle infrastructure.
Energy Production Financing AmendmentsSen. Jake Anderegg (R-Lehi)SUPPORTIn progress
Allows Rocky Mountain Power to recover costs if they choose to retire the coal plants early.
Transit Oriented Development AmendmentsSen. Jake Anderegg (R-Lehi)WATCHIn progress


Legislative Goal: Supporting schools and teachers to ensure a prosperous future for our state

Bill No.Bill NameBill Sponsor(s)Lobbying KitAU PositionStatus
HB 16School Meals Program AmendmentsRep. Dan Johnson (R-Logan)SUPPORTPASSED
Funds “meals” from DABC sales rather than “lunch”, helping smaller participation programs. Sen. Lyle Hillyard (R- Logan)
HB 77Education Funding AmendmentsRep. Norm Thurston (R-Provo)WATCHPASSED
Caps property tax increases at 4%, and possibly WPU as well. Sen. Deidre Henderson (R- Salt Lake City)
HB 114Early Learning Training and Assesment AmendmentsRep. Steve Waldrip (R-Eden)WATCHPASSED
Requires USBE to approve an optional K and required 1-3 benchmark math assessment. Sen. Ann Millner (R-Ogden)
HB 141Educator Salary Incentive Program AmendmentsRep. Val Potter (R-N. Logan)WATCHPASSED
Changes the route to licensure and employment for social workers in schools. Rep. Lyle Hillyard (R- Logan)
HB 145School Busing AmendmentsRep. Jeffrey Stenquist (R-Draper)WATCHFAILED
Amends law to make the acceptable distance for bussing qualify as a “safe route”.
HB 160Refugee Continuing Education ProgramRep. Carol Spackman Moss (D-Holladay)SUPPORTFAILED
Appropriates $500,000 towards the creation of an education program for adult refugee students (ages 18 to 23) who are no longer eligible for traditional high school to obtain a high school diploma or its equivalent.Sen. Kathleen Riebe (D-Salt Lake)
HB 175Education Accountability AmendmentsRep. Marie Poulson (D-Salt Lake)SUPPORTFAILED
Removes the single letter grade for school evaluations derived from student RISE testing scores. Sen. Lincoln Fillmore (R- South Jordan)
HB 222Start Smart Utah Breakfast ProgramRep. Dan Johnson (R-Logan)SUPPORTPASSED
Creates the Start Smart Utah Program to expand access to school breakfast in Utah public schools. Sen. Lyle Hillyard (R- Logan)
HB 334Civics Education AmendmentsRep. Dan Johnson (R-Logan)SUPPORTPASSED
Creates a civics engagement pilot program to assess the benefits of, and methods for, implementing a requirement to complete a civics engagement project as a condition for receiving a high school diploma. Sen. Lyle Hillyard (R- Logan)
HB 357Public Education Funding StabilizationRep. Robert Spendlove (R-Salt Lake City)SUPPORTPASSED
Changes the funding structure and requirements for education, including the creation of a rainy day fund for education spending. Sen. Ann Millner (R- Ogden)
HCR 3Encouraging Consideration of a Late Start Time for High SchoolRep. Suzanne Harrison (D-Draper)SUPPORTPASSED
Non-binding resolution encouraging districts to use late start times for high schools. Sen. Ann Millner (R- Ogden)
HJR 5Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution - Education AmendmentsRep. Ray Ward (R-Bountiful)WATCHFAILED
Triggers a public vote to remove the constitutional earmark for public education from income tax.
SB 21Education AmendmentsSen. Kathleen Riebe (D-Salt Lake)WATCHPASSED
Amends requirements on the Utah State Board of Education programs and administers. Rep. Andrew Stoddard (D- Sandy)
SB 100State Institutional Trust Lands Administration Amendments Sen. Ralph Okerlund (R- MonroeWATCHPASSED
Allows the board to have closed meetings under certain circumstances. Rep. Carl Albrecht (R- Salt Lake City)
SB 119School Accountability AmendmentsSen. Diedre Henderson (R-Spanish Fork)SUPPORTHouse to Senate
Provides that for the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 school years, the State Board of Education is not required to assign to each school an overall rating using an A through F letter grading scale.Rep. Lee Perry (R-Perry)
SB 136Healthy Lifestyles RevisionsSen. Kathleen Riebe (D-Cottonwood Heights)SUPPORTFAILED
Repeals a provision prohibiting encouragement of the use of contraceptives, and requires schools to report amount of students consented to participate in sex education instruction.
SJR 9Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution - Use of Tax RevenueSen. Daniel McCay (R-Riverton) SUPPORTPASSED
Triggers a public vote to remove the constitutional earmark for public education from income tax. Rep. Mike Schultz (R-Hooper)


Legislative Goal: Reducing our high suicide rate through evidence-based solutions

Bill No.Bill Name/DescriptionBill Sponsor(s)Lobbying KitAU PositionStatus
HB 32Crisis Services AmendmentsRep. Steve Eliason (R-Sandy)SUPPORTPASSED
Creates a behavioral health receiving center pilot program and strengthens a statewide warm line.Sen. Dan Thatcher (R-West Valley City)
HB 35Mental Health Treatment Access AmendmentsRep. Steve Eliason (R-Sandy)SUPPORTPASSED
Requires study of long-term need for adult beds at the Utah State Hospital and standards for ACOTTs. Sen. Todd Weiler (R- Woods Cross)
HB 229Extreme Risk Protective OrdersRep. Steve Handy R-Layton)SUPPORTFAILED
Allows temporary removal of firearms from a person who poses a threat to self or others
HB 246Mental Health Workforce AmendmentsRep. Susan Duckworth (D-District 22)SUPPORTPASSED
Requires the University of Utah Health Sciences to select two additional psychiatry residents in the 2021-22 academic year.Sen. Ralph Okerulnd (R-Monroe)
HB 323 School Mental Health Amendments Rep. Steve Eliason (R- Sandy)WATCHPASSED
Requires a mental health screening tool to be administered to public school students annually. Sen . Ann Millner (R- Ogden)
HB 342Mental Health Insurance RequirementsRep. Brian King (D-Salt Lake)SUPPORTFAILED
Requires health insurance companies to cover behavioral health with the same standards that they cover physical health
HB 479Mental Health Wellbeing in Schools Pilot ProgramRep. Christine Watkins (R-Price)SUPPORTFAILED
Creates a one-year pilot program to provide training and education on mental health in selected local education agencies.
SB 89Mental Health Services Amendments Sen. Daniel Thatcher (R- West Valley City)SUPPORTPASSED
Establishes the Mental Health Services Donation Fund which will allocate funds to entities that provides mental health and substance use treatment. Rep. Patrice Arent (D- Millcreek)


Legislative Goal: Building family economic prosperity

Bill No.Bill Name/DescriptionBill Sponsor(s)Lobbying KitAU PositionStatus
HB 69Sick Leave AmendmentsRep. Patrice Arent (D-Millcreek)SUPPORTFAILED
Allows employees already receiving sick leave to use it to care for a sick family member.
HB 89Workforce Development Incentive AmendmentsRep. Suzanne Harrison (D-Draper)SUPPORTFAILED
Requires GOED to consider the working family benefits provided by a business when offering incentives. Rep. Jacob Anderegg (R- Lehi)
HB 131Rent Control Jurisdiction AmendmentsRep. Jennifer Dailey-Provost (D-Salt Lake)WATCHFAILED
Repeals the prohibition on municipalities from creating rent controls on private properties.
HB 153Parental Leave AmendmentsRep. Elizabeth Weight (D-Salt Lake)SUPPORTFAILED
Requires certain executive branch employers to offer parental leave. Sen .Todd Weiler (R- Woods Cross)
HB 187Employer Tax Credit for Child CareRep. Suzanne Harrison (D-Draper)SUPPORTFAILED
Creates a state income tax credit for any employer providing or subsidizing childcare for its employees. Rep. Jacob Anderegg (R- Lehi)
HB 211Renter Expenses Disclosure RequirementsRep. Marsha Judkins (R-Provo)SUPPORTFAILED
Requires transparency through disclosure of all expenses charged to a renter by an owner. Sen. Todd Weiler (R- Woods Cross)
HB 267Prohibited Persons AmendmentsRep. Andrew Stoddard (D-Sandy)SUPPORTFAILED
Provides a process for surrendering a firearm after an individual becomes a restricted person. Sen. Todd Weiler (R- Woods Cross)
HB 319Consumer Lending AmendmentsRep. Brad Daw (R- Orem)SUPPORTPASSED
Amends registration, reporting and operations requirements of certain lenders to protect consumers from predatory lending practicesSen. Curtis Bramble (R-Provo)
HB 394Homeless and Transitional Housing Program AmendmentsRep. Kim Coleman (R-W. Jordan)AMENDFAILED
Creates a state homeless services director and modifies the use and oversight of certain homeless services accounts.
HB 440Homeless Services Funding AmendmentsRep. Steve Eliason (R-Sandy)SUPPORTPASSED
Appropriates funding to close the gap in the operation expenses for the new resource centers and permits the use of other existing funds to help pay down the construction debt.
HJR 7Ratifying an Amendment to the U.S. ConstitutionRep. Karen Kwan (D-Murray)SUPPORTFAILED
Ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
SB 39Affordable Housing AmendmentsSen. Jake Anderegg (R-Lehi)SUPPORTPASSED
Authorizes rental assistance for homeless families and provides funding for the Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund. Rep. Val Potter (R- North Logan)
Community Reinvestment for Child Care AmendmentsRep. Susan Pulsipher (R-S. Jordan)SUPPORTIn Progress


Legislative Goal: Protecting the voters voice and strengthening our democracy

Bill No.Bill Name/DescriptionBill Sponsor(s)Lobbying KitAU PositionStatus
HB 20Public Service Commission Public Hearing AmendmentsRep. Kay Christofferson (R-Lehi)SUPPORTPASSED
Extends the deadline for the PSC to act on an application for review or rehearing from 20 to 30 days. Sen. David Hinkins (R- Orangeville)
HB 36Election AmendmentsRep. Suzanne Harrison (D-Draper)SUPPORTPASSED
Makes technical changes to reflect current practice and terminology. Sen. Todd Weiler (R- Woods Cross)
HB 70Repeal of Single-Mark Straight Ticket VotingRep. Patrice Arent (D-Millcreek)SUPPORTPASSED
Removes straight ticket party voting and requires voting for the candidates on a ballot individually Sen. Curtis Bramble (R- Provo)
HB 71Prohibition on Straight Ticket VotingRep. Craig Hall (R-West Valley City)SUPPORTFAILED
Removes straight ticket party voting and requires voting for the candidates on a ballot individually
HB 109Universal Background ChecksRep. Brian King (D-Salt Lake City)SUPPORTFAILED
Requires a background check for all firearm sales.
HB 112Initiative Protection Act Rep. Angela Romero (D- Salt Lake City)SUPPORTFAILED
Mandates if the Legislature repeals or materially amends an initiative, the repeal or amendment does not take effect unless and until approved by the voters.
HB 298 Victim Guidlines For Prosecutors Rep. Andrew Stoddard (D-Sandy)SUPPORTPASSED
Creates uniform guidelines for prosecutors and other entities regarding proper protocol related to immigration status forms of a crime victim when receiving the assistance of the crime victim. Sen.Todd Weiler (R-Woods Cross)
HJR 3Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution- Water Resources of Municipalities Rep. Keven Stratton (R-Orem)WATCHPASSED
Amends the Utah Constitution to modify a provision relating to municipal water rights and sources of water supply. Sen. Ralph Okerlund (R- Monroe)
HJR 12Joint Resolution Celebrating Women's Suffrage Rep. Melissa Ballard (R-North Salt Lake)SUPPORTPASSED
Celebrates the history of women's suffrage in Utah and encourages Utah women to continue to participate in civic life. Sen. Deidre Henderson (R-Salt Lake City)
HJR 13Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution- State Board of Education Rep. Melissa Ballard (R-N. Salt Lake)WATCHFAILED
Amends the Utah Constitution to provide that State Board of Education members be elected or appointed as provided by statute.
SB 28Ballot and Voter Information Amendments Sen. Daniel Thatcher (R-West Valley City)WATCHPASSED
Rep. Marc Roberts (R- Salt Lake City)
SB 42Ballot Security Amendments Sen. Jani Iwamoto (D-Highland)SUPPORTFAILED
Requires county clerks to provide a means of covering the voter’s signature on the ballot return envelope so that it is not visible during mailing. Rep. Steve Eliaon (R- Sandy)
SB 83Voter Registration Information Amendments Rep. Jacob Anderegg (R-Lehi)SUPPORTPASSED
Amends existing provisions to further protect voter registration information.
SB 173 Disrupting Legislative or Official Meetings Sen. Don Ipson (R- St. George) AMEND/OPPOSEPASSED
Amends criminal provisions relating to disturbing the Legislature or an official meeting.Rep. Lee Perry (R-Perry)
SB 200Redistricting AmendmentsSen. Curtis Bramble (R-Provo)SUPPORTPASSED
Compromise bill to amend Prop 4 (Better Boundaries) by modifying the function, action, staffing, funding and membership of the Utah Independent Redistricting Commission.Rep. Carol Spackman Moss (D-Holladay)
SJR 3Proposal to Amend the Utah Constitution - Annual General Sessions of the LegislatureSen. Ann Milner (R-Ogden)WATCHPASSED
Proposes to move the beginning date of annual general sessions of the Legislature to a day in January designated by statuteRep. Michael Mikelle (R-Spanish Fork)
SJR 4Proposal To Amend Utah Constitution - Filling Judicial Vacancies Sen. Karen Mayne (D-West Valley City)WATCHFAILED
Proposes to increase the amount of time which the governor is required to fill a judicial vacancy from 30 to 45 days.
SJR 8Proposal to Amend the Utah Constitution - Judicial Selection Amendments Sen. Daniel McCay (R-Riverton)OPPOSEFAILED
Replaces Judicial Appointment with Judicial Elections.
Proposal to Amend the Utah Constitution - Tangible Personal Property Tax ExemptionSen. Daniel Hemmert (R-Orem)WATCHAbandoned


Legislative Goal: Provide community members with meaningful actions and vetted information on the issues Utahns care about most


Action Utah takes no official stance on these bills, but we track them because members have shown a particular interest in these issues on one side or the other. This section is for your information.

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