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January 7th, 2020|Action of the Week|1 Comment

Big news for climate and air quality solutions in Utah!

In 2018 Action Utah was part of the team that wrote and passed the first climate resolution in a red state, House Concurrent Resolution 7, which acknowledged the changing climate, encouraged positive solutions and prioritized the state’s “understanding and use of sound science to address causes of a changing climate.” During the 2019 General Session, legislators approved $200,000 in state funding for a review by the Kem C. Gardner Institute of air quality and changing climate research to provide viable recommendations for positive solutions.

Yesterday, the Kem C. Gardner Institute released “The Utah Roadmap” outlining 7 mileposts in a roadmap toward cleaning Utah’s air and reducing global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Goals of the plan are to protect our health, sustain economic development (particularly in Utah’s growing tech sector), advance Utah’s 2030/2034 Olympic bid, and support struggling rural economies in transition through politically and economically viable solutions for climate and air quality that provide the greatest impact at the least cost.

For a limited time, the public is invited to provide feedback on The Utah Roadmap for climate and air quality solutions!


1. Check out The Utah Roadmap – The policy brief includes a summary of the milestones as well as in-depth review of data and policy recommendations

View the Utah Roadmap

2. Send in your feedback by January 27th!

Share Your Feedback

Public feedback will be considered as the recommendations are finalized – but only if you submit your comments by January 27th!

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  1. Don Colby Jr January 7, 2020 at 10:02 am

    I can’t believe a “family values” state raises children in such pollution.

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