Priority Bill: Support equitable accountability for schools!

Introducing Education Accountability Metrics, an Action Utah Priority Bill for 2020!

2020 will be the third year Action Utah has supported a bill to change the way schools are “graded” to assess the quality of programming and provide accountability to the public. The problem with the current education accountability system is that it unfairly punishes schools by using an unreliable school grading system that does not accurately portray the quality of the school.

What is the problem with school accountability in Utah?

The current education accountability system uses a single letter grade to assess school performance that is based on student test scores. As we saw in 2019, student test scores can be an unreliable indicator of student performance — particularly given the dramatic glitches in test scoring that have recently caused some Utah schools to issue report cards without grades.

Student test scores are only one indication of a school’s performance and fail to account for quality programming, such as after school options, athletic and arts programs, etc. Student testing opt out rates further skew school scores. As a result of inaccurate measures, good schools are being unfairly punished, leading to reduced funding, segregation, low enrollment and low teacher retention — issues that harm low income families most of all.


Rep. Marie Poulson will proposed good legislation once again in 2020 to change education accountability metrics to be more fair and accurate in assessing schools using multiple indicators instead of just one. This good policy has had many chances to pass and the Senate should prioritize hearing it in 2020!

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