Make a plan to vote in the Presidential Primary on March 3!

January 9th, 2020|Action of the Day|1 Comment

Super Tuesday is coming right up – make a plan to vote!

On March 3, Utah will hold Presidential Primary races for Utahns to cast a vote for presidential candidates for the Republican and Democratic parties. Making a plan now will make it much more likely that you will exercise your right to vote and cast a ballot on March 3! The Presidential Primary will be held by mail-in ballot (expect to receive yours in mid-February; postmark by March 2), though early voting (Feb 18-28) and election day (March 3) locations will also be available for in-person voting.

  • Decide how and when you will cast your ballot and add your plan to your calendar now!

Presidential Primaries – Get informed!

With so many candidates on both sides of the aisle, be sure you spend time getting to know who’s on your ballot.

  • Visit Action Utah’s Guide to the 2020 Presidential Primary Election for information on candidates and debates to help you become an informed voter.
  • Watch upcoming Democratic Presidential Debates on January 14th (CNN), February 7 (ABC), February 22 (NBC) and February 25 (CBS).

Important Election Dates

  • January 17: Ballots are transmitted to military voters, their dependents, and voters living outside of the U.S.
  • February 3: Last day to mail a paper voter registration form.
  • February 11 – February 18: Mail ballots are sent to voters.
  • February 18: In-person early voting begins. You may register to vote at an early voting location by casting a provisional ballot.
  • February 25: Last day to request a mail ballot. It is also the last day to register to vote using the online registration system or at your county clerk’s office.
  • February 28: In-person early voting ends in some jurisdictions, but your jurisdiction may extend the early voting period until March 2nd.
  • March 3: Presidential Primary Election. You may register to vote at a polling location by casting a provisional ballot.

Register to vote!

Now is the time to register to vote in the Presidential Primary Election, with registration deadlines around the corner.

  • Register to vote online or by texting “VOTERISE” to 788-683 – takes just 3 minutes!
  • Moved? Check or update your voter registration here.

The voter registration deadlines depend on the method you use to register to vote:

  • Registration by mail: the mail must be postmarked on or before February 3, 2020.
  • Last day to change your party affiliation: February, 3, 2020 (However, if you are not affiliated with a political party (an unaffiliated voter), you may change your party affiliation after February 3, 2020 at an early voting location or an Election Day voting location.)
  • Registration at your county clerk’s office: 5:00 pm on February 25, 2020.
  • Registration using the online registration system: February 25, 2020.

If you miss these deadlines, you can still register to vote and cast a provisional ballot at an early voting location or an Election Day voting center.

Unaffiliated Voter?

Make sure you receive a mail-in ballot so you can cast your vote in Utah’s primary elections March 3 and in June!

County Clerks across the state are contacting unaffiliated voters to ask them to opt-in to receive a mail-in ballot for the Super Tuesday (March 3 – the Presidential Primary Election) and June 30 Primary Election for either the Democratic or Republican Party. If you are an unaffiliated voter, keep an eye out for notices from your county clerk and send in your response right away.

  • Unaffiliated voters may choose to receive a Democratic ballot for either election as an unaffiliated voter, or may opt to affiliate as a Democrat.
  • Unaffiliated voters may only choose to receive a Republican ballot for either election by affiliating as a Republican. This requirement is set by the party, not the county clerk’s office.

Once you have opted in to receive a mail-in ballot, look for your Super Tuesday mail-in ballot to arrive in mid-February and your Primary Election ballot to arrive around the first week of June.

Mail-in ballots must be post-marked by March 2, 2020 for the Presidential Primary and by June 22, 2020 for the Primary Election. Mark your calendar with these important dates now!

Questions? Contact your county clerk!

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  1. Dianne Franz February 23, 2020 at 7:53 am

    I’m an Independent but would like a Democratic ballot for the 2020 primary
    Moved here from GA and we did voting differently- I’m still learning UT

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