Help Kids Get School Meals To Improve Education Outcomes

Proper nutrition is vitally important to the learning process. Research shows that when children eat breakfast regularly they do better in school, have fewer behavioral problems, and are healthier overall. However, many kids don’t have access to regular breakfasts and lunches outside of school. Ensuring that schoolchildren are properly fed is essential to improving educational outcomes.

HB 16 School Meals Program Amendments would broaden the use of funds for school lunch to other school meals. This good bill has passed in the House and is moving to the Senate.

Ask your senator support HB 16 for education!

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What would HB 16 School Meals Program Amendments do?

HB 16 School Meals Program Amendments by Rep. Dan Johnson would broaden the use of funds for school lunch to other school meals, including breakfast and amends reporting requirements.

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HB 16 decreases the likelihood that children in Utah go hungry in our schools, at a negligible cost to the taxpayer. This is a no-brainer. Fed kids are happier, healthier, and more productive. Passing this bill will improve the efficacy of the educational system, reduce misbehavior, and strengthen long term economic growth.

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