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The way that most Utahns cast ballots has been shifting in recent years. Whereas even five years ago it was still common for most voters to go to an in-person polling location on or before Election Day, now the majority of Utahs receive their ballot in the mail. Several years ago the legislature permitted counties to choose to hold elections entirely by mail, and in 2020 all 29 counties have chosen to do so. The Election Code needs technical updates and shifts in language to reflect this new reality.

HB 36 Election Amendments by Rep. Harrison and Sen. Weiler makes practical but needed technical changes to reflect current practice and terminology.

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What would HB 36 Election Amendments do?

HB 36 Election Amendments by Rep. Suzanne Harrison makes a number of technical changes to the Election Code to better reflect the way that we currently cast ballots in Utah, including:

  • Changes the term “absentee ballot” to “mailed ballot.” Since Utah voters all receive mailed ballots, it is no longer accurate to refer to “absentee ballots” or “absentee voters,” older terms to refer to those absent from their jurisdiction on Election Day.
  • Eliminates language referring to voting machines and methods that are no longer used in the state, and updates language to include processes that are now done using technology rather than manually on paper.
  • Includes references to ballot drop boxes, which are increasingly being used in counties as a secure location to drop off voted mailed ballots.
  • Eliminates a confusing provision that required voter registration applications to ask voters if they would like to opt in to receive an “absentee” ballot. Since all voters receive ballots in the mail this question is no longer applicable, and could lead to confusion when voters select not to receive mailed ballots and then are frustrated when they don’t receive them.
  • Addresses penalties for intimidating or unduly influencing a voter.

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The Election Code needs some cleanup to reflect the way that Utahns vote and to eliminate confusing or conflicting provisions. The provisions of HB 36 will make it easier for Utahns to vote.

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