Ask legislators on the House Education Committee to pass HB 175 by Rep. Marie Poulson!

Since 2011, Utah schools have received letter grades based on standardized student testing. With testing opt-out rates high at some schools, and other barriers to testing at others, these grades do not accurately reflect the quality of schools and result in family decisions that socioeconomically and racially stratify enrollment and funding decisions that unfairly punish some schools and negatively impact teacher retention.

Recent problems with RISE testing scores highlight and exacerbate the issue with assessing schools using a single letter grade that is based solely on student test scores. While the State Board changed the dashboard during a grading moratorium, that moratorium has expired, and letter grades are being used once again. It’s time to change school metrics with Rep. Marie Poulson’s good bill, HB 175 Education Accountability Amendments!

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Ask legislators on the House Education Committee to pass HB 175 by Rep. Marie Poulson!

What would HB 175 Education Accountability Amendments do?

HB 175 eliminates the requirement that schools receive letter grades and changes associated funding policies related to turnaround and leadership.

Suggested Talking Points

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  • The 2020 request for a waiver due to glitches in RISE testing is evidence that a single grade for a test which may have unexpected issues, is needlessly punitive.
  • School grading fosters socioeconomically and racially segregated schools and contributes to poor teacher retention.
  • School grading fails to measure important school metrics, such as enrichment programming or school climate.
  • Providing multiple indicators, rather than just one, of school performance gives parents valuable information with which to inform their school choice.
  • Evidence shows that low-income schools are more likely to receive failing grades when standardized testing is the only measure of a school’s quality.
  • With increased parent skepticism about the values of testing, and studies showing their lack of effectiveness, it is time to change how Utah schools are evaluated.
  • Changing accountability standards and allowing more flexible assessment strategies will give schools the ability to address their specific issues and serve their students better.

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