Have you taken action yet? These bills need you!

These good bills need your help!

The more we speak up and take action, the greater our power to influence decisions around the issues we care about most! At Action Utah we know that EVERY. ACTION. COUNTS. So take a few minutes today to take action on any of these good bills coming through the state legislature!


Pick one or more bills below and click to take action now!

SB 39: Affordable Housing Amendments, Sen. Anderegg – Authorizes rental assistance for homeless families and provides funding for the Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund — two critical ways to address the growing affordable housing shortage in Utah! TAKE ACTION

HB 175: Education Accountability Amendments, Rep. Poulson – Removes the single letter grade for school evaluations derived from student RISE testing scores that lead to low teacher retention, increased segregation and unfair punishments of some schools in order to allow for more equitable and accurate school evaluations. TAKE ACTION

HB 229: Extreme Risk Protective Order, Rep. Handy – Allows temporary removal of firearms from a person who poses a threat to self or others in order to save lives and reduce firearm suicide in Utah. TAKE ACTION

HB 36: Election Amendments, Rep. Harrison/Sen. Weiler – Makes technical changes to reflect current practice and terminology to make it easier for Utahns to vote. TAKE ACTION

HB 16: School Meal Program Amendments, Rep. Johnson/Sen. Hillyard – Redefines the scope of the program from “school lunches” to “school meals” to broaden the use of funds for additional meals, such as breakfast, to improve education education outcomes by ensuring that kids are properly fed. TAKE ACTION

HCR 3: Encouraging Consideration of a Late Start Time for High School, Rep. Harrison – Non-binding resolution encouraging districts to use late start times for high schools for the physical and mental health benefits to students. TAKE ACTION

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