BEFORE 2PM: Let’s reduce the price of insulin with HB 207!

Ask the Health and Human Services Committee to support vote YES on HB 207 for lower insulin pricing for state employees!

Insulin is a crucial, life-saving daily treatment, but one in four diabetics is using less insulin than they are prescribed because they cannot afford it. Rationing can have long-term and deadly effects on the body. Let’s help Utahns access this critical prescription drug at manageable prices! You can help get it passed by emailing the committee BEFORE 2:00 PM!

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HB 207 Insulin Access Amendments by Rep. Norm Thurston would create a way for state employees to purchase insulin at a discount, and would authorize pharmacists to dispense insulin in some cases when diabetics aren’t able to visit a doctor in time to renew their prescriptions. It would also cap copays for insulin at $30 per month unless the insurer places the diabetes treatment in its lowest-cost drug tier and waives the deductible.

  • Recent changes to federal tax law enable high-deductible plans to cover insulin as a preventive drug for the first time, this law creates an incentive program for health plans that are proactively finding ways of reducing barriers for employees
  • Requires that plans put insulin in its tier of drug coverage with the lowest copay like many other preventive drugs — covering it 100% and exempting it from deductible requirements.
  • With increases the number of days for which an insulin prescription can be refilled, the length of time an insulin prescription can last, as well as increasing the number of professions that can be licensed to prescribe it, Utahns will have much more access to affordable diabetes treatment.
  • Allows insurance plans to try other ways to structure benefits while accomplishing the same objectives and places power back into the hands of the consumer and the health plan.
  • If insurance companies do place the treatment in the preventative copay category and avoid a cap, manufacturers of the drug would not have the same ability to raise prices and create even less affordable and accessible treatments for uninsured patients.

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