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Hundreds of bills are being debated by legislators during the brief state legislative session, but taking action on even two bills will make a big difference! It only takes a few minutes to get your voice heard on Utah’s top priority issues!

Take double the action to double your impact!

Pick bills you care about from the list below, then write a quick email to legislators using our easy email tool. Simply click to take action now! Pick two bills to double your impact!


HB 259: Electric Vehicle Charging Network – Creates a state-wide electric vehicle charging network plan to build out charging stations every 50 miles along certain highways by Dec. 2025 to support the transition to cleaner vehicles for improved air quality in Utah. TAKE ACTION

SB 78: Energy Storage Innovation, Research and Grant Program Act – Creates a grant program to advance energy storage innovation and technology while creating jobs and spurring economic development, improving Utah’s emergency preparedness, grid resiliency and air quality at the same time. TAKE ACTION


HB 16: School Meals Program Amendments – Funds “meals” from DABC sales rather than “lunch”, helping smaller participation programs and including meals like breakfast to improve education outcomes for Utah kids. TAKE ACTION

HB 175: Education Accountability Amendments – Removes the single letter grade for school evaluations derived from student RISE testing scores to allow for more equitable, accurate and comprehensive assessments of schools to improve teacher retention. TAKE ACTION

HCR 3: Consideration of a Late Start Time for High School – Non-binding resolution encouraging districts to use late start times for high schools to support improved academic, social, emotional, and health outcomes. TAKE ACTION


HB 70: Repeal of Single-Mark Straight Ticket Voting – Removes the straight ticket party voting option on ballots to reduce confusion, increase informed voting and ensure ballots more accurately reflect voter’s wishes. TAKE ACTION

SB 42: Ballot Security AmendmentsRequires county clerks to provide a means of covering the voter’s signature on the ballot return envelope to improve voter security. TAKE ACTION

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