URGENT! Protect youth from flavored tobacco BEFORE 8AM TUES!

For years there has been substantial effort to prevent and reduce tobacco use. Despite the success of the reduction in cigarette use, e-cigarette and flavored tobacco product use by youth and adults has dramatically increased, posing another public health risk. According to the FDA, youth and young adults cited flavors as a main reason for e-cigarette use. 74% of flavored tobacco obtained illegally by youth comes from convenience stores versus other tobacco retailers that must adhere to stricter guidelines that better limit the ability of our children to obtain flavored tobacco products. As the options for tobacco products increase, laws must be updated to include additional tobacco products.

Rep. Jennifer Daily-Provost has proposed a bill that will help regulate flavored tobacco retailers, a tobacco prevention effort to protect Utah’s youth. HB 118 Retail Tobacco Specialty Business Amendments will be heard in the House Health and Human Services Committee TUESDAY AT 8AM. Send a quick note to the committee TODAY asking them to vote YES on HB 118!


Your voice matters to committee members – thanks for taking two minutes to make a difference!

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