Ask state senators to pass HB 13 to extend the Children’s Hearing Aid Program!

Ask your state senator to support HB 13 to extend the Child Hearing Aid Program!

The Children’s Hearing Aid Program allows the Utah Department of Health to provide hearing aids to children under the age of six who have been diagnosed with hearing loss and do not qualify for Medicaid or the Utah Children’s Health Insurance Program.

Families who utilized the Children’s Hearing Aid Program in previous years reported that CHAP was very effective, and that their experience with the program was predominantly positive. However, as of now, the Children’s Hearing Aid Program is set to sunset on July 1st, 2020. HB 13 Child Hearing Aid Program Amendments by Rep. Stewart Barlow (R-Fruit Heights) would extend this good program through July 1st, 2025.

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What would HB 13 Child Hearing Aid Program Amendments do?

HB 13 would extend the repeal date for the Children’s Hearing Aid Program to July 1st, 2025. This bill was recommended by the Interim Health and Human Services Committee and has a fiscal note of $0.

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  • Extension of the CHAP program extends access to adequate care for Utah children with hearing loss. Not everyone has the ability to afford hearing aids out of pocket which can range from $1,000 – $3,000. Furthermore, most insurances do not cover hearing aids.
  • Hearing loss can impact a child’s ability to learn languages and to speak. Consequently, it can impede the development of social skills, cause behavioral and mental health problems, and even impact academic performance. In this crucial stage of development, it is important to address hearing loss and if necessary correct hearing loss through hearing aids.

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