Help Utah transition to more clean energy with HB 194!

Ask the members of the House Public Utilities, Energy and Technology Standing Committee to pass HB 194 to accelerate the transition to renewables for clean air and a strong environment!

Air pollution, environmental stewardship, and a changing climate are top priority issues for Utahns. Unfortunately, the electricity we consume in Utah comes largely from coal and other polluting sources. That is changing. Utah state law already requires annual electricity sales for each electrical corporation or utility to reach at least 20% renewable energy by the year 2025, increasing each year after. In 2017, 14% of the energy consumed by Utahns came from renewable sources.

A new bill, HB 194 Clean and Renewable Energy Amendments by Rep. Ray Ward, will accelerate the transition to clean and renewable energy, ensuring clean air, a strong environment, and healthy people for generations to come.

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What would HB 194 Clean and Renewable Energy Requirement Amendments do?

  • Requires that the electricity sales of large scale utilities, primarily Rocky Mountain Power, come from sources that are at least 50% renewable and clean by the year 2030 as long as it is cost-effective to do so. Utilities must create a plan to do so, and issue progress updates regularly to the state.
  • Creates a separate definition for clean energy that includes more forms of low-emission and zero-emission technologies.
  • Restricts the use of unbundled renewable energy certificates for reaching renewable and clean energy goals. Unbundled renewable energy certificates mean that the certificate itself is purchased separately from the electricity produced.
  • Clarifies the reporting process of the Public Service Commission.

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  • Renewables make sense financially: since 2009, the price of solar power plants has dropped by 80%. This bill reflects the changing price of renewable power by updating our goals to keep pace with the economics.
  • Rocky Mountain Power serves over 75% of the state’s customers. By holding large utilities accountable, we can ensure a rapid transition to clean energy sources, reducing air pollutants that sicken and even kill thousands of Utahns every year.
  • 41 states, including Utah, have adopted renewable energy standards or targets. For example, Idaho already produces over 80% of its power renewably and is on track for 100% clean and renewable energy by 2045.
  • The targets laid out in this bill are in line with the goals set by the Utah Roadmap prepared by the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute.
  • The renewable energy certificate fixes provide further incentives for utilities to purchase more renewable energy and generate it on their own.
  • Renewable and clean energy is popular: a poll done by Colorado College found that 84% of respondents want to allow more wind and solar energy projects on public lands and the Envision Utah report found that Utahns want to shift towards renewables, with natural gas to supplement the base supply and keeps costs low.
  • Global average temperature is on the rise. This means hotter summers, longer droughts, and reduced snowpack for Utah. Decades of research have shown that carbon emissions are strongly related to these rising temperatures. Setting goals for clean and renewable energy is an important step in combating rising temperatures.

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  1. Naresh Kumar February 19, 2020 at 10:57 am

    Thank you for your leadership and for reading my comment. Climate change is a health issue. As a public health expert and a climate advocate, I live this mantra through my career, volunteer work, and lifestyle. Our communities have grown, and with them, the demand for energy, goods, and services to support our lives. This is wonderful, yet we need to sustain that growth without being burdened with waste products of inefficient supply mechanisms. Many of the initial objections to renewable clean energy are falling flat in the face of facts. The price is right and it is coming down. The quality of renewable energy is equal to or better than that of the current coal-dominant grid. As we begin to experience hotter summers and colder winters, we will need energy to maintain the comfort and safety of our homes. If we continue to use fossil fuels to do this, we will exacerbate this problem, allowing it on an endless downward spiral. Please support a just transition for customers and workers from fossil fuels to renewable clean energy, like our neighbor Idaho has been doing. I welcome your response and look forward to engaging with you in the future.

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