Tell legislators it’s time to pass background checks on all gun sales!

Ask legislators on the House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee to pass HB 109!

The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993 imposed a federal requirement on retail gun dealers that they must conduct a criminal background check before transferring a gun to a customer. However, the Brady Act’s background check requirement does not extend to private transactions. 20 states have background check laws that go beyond the federal minimum requirements to include background checks for private firearm sales. Utah is not currently among them.

88% of Utahns support background checks on all gun sales. Tell legislators it’s time to pass HB 109 Universal Background Checks!

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What would HB 109 Universal Background Checks do?

HB 109 establishes requirements for gun sellers to conduct criminal background checks on potential buyers during private sales of firearms in the state of Utah. The bill establishes a process for federal firearms licensees’ to conduct the required background check, and creates exceptions for the transfer of specifically defined antique weapons, between family members, or law enforcement agencies and officers.

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  • Research has shown that in many instances of gun related crime, criminals were easily able to obtain guns from family, acquaintances, underground seller networks, or private sellers at gun shows where a background check is not required, nor conducted. This gap in the background check system allows many buyers who would otherwise be prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms (such as convicted felons) to obtain deadly weapons through a procedural loophole. HB 109 would close this loophole.
  • Public polling has consistently shown that a majority of Utahns support requiring background checks on ALL gun purchases. In fact, a 2016 poll showed that 81% of Utah voters support background checks on all gun purchases while only 13% who oppose them. That includes support from 90% of Democrats, 79% of independents, and 78% of Republicans. A 2019 poll shows those numbers have only grown, with 88% of Utahns in favor of background checks on all gun purchases and only 8% opposing.

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  1. Sunny Washington February 24, 2020 at 10:54 am

    I want to voice my support for this bill. I do not believe this infringes on gun owner rights, but protects us from those that should not have guns. This bill will save lives and be better for our community.

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