BEFORE 8AM TOMORROW: Support an EV charging network for Utah! (HB 259)

Ask legislators to support HB 259 Electric Vehicle Charging Network before 8AM TOMORROW!

Vehicle emissions make up 42% of our air pollutants in Utah. Even with the implementation of Tier 3 fuels and engines in passenger vehicles, air pollution will grow with population growth if nothing more is done. As we seek public and private solutions to improve our air quality, encouraging the transition to electric vehicles is a high priority.

HB 259 encourages the transition to cleaner transportation technology in the public and private sectors by creating a statewide plan for an electric vehicle charging station network along the state’s interstate highway system by the end of 2025.

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What would HB 259 Electric Vehicle Charging Network do?

HB 259 directs the Department of Transportation to lead in the creation of a state- wide electric vehicle charging network plan to provide electric vehicle charging facilities along certain state highways. The network plan will provide implementation strategies to ensure that electric vehicle charging stations are available at strategic locations at incremental distances no greater than every 50 miles along the state’s interstate highway system by December, 2025.

This good bill passed unanimously in the House. Ask legislators on the Senate Transportation, Public Utilities, Energy and Technology Committee to vote YES on HB 259.

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  • Utah Foundation surveys have repeatedly found the issue of air quality to be a top concern among Utahns, and mobile emissions account for nearly half of the state’s air pollution. Even with the implementation of Tier 3 fuels and engines in passenger vehicles, the Utah Division of Air Quality’s models show that air pollution in Utah will grow with population growth if nothing more is done.
  • Electric vehicles are an important part of the long term solution for air quality in Utah. Electric vehicles have far superior miles per gallon equivalent fuel economy – between 100% and 400% better because they replace petroleum fuel with lower-emission electricity. There is also an estimated 51-53% reduction in the total lifecycle emissions from the manufacturing and operation of EV’s compared to gas-fueled counterparts.
  • To support an increase in public and private EV usage, charging stations are essential. A US Department of Energy survey found people are 6X more likely to drive an EV when they have access to charging. Increasing the number of charging stations in Utah will make owning and driving EV’s more convenient to encourage cleaner transportation.
  • According to UCAIR, increasing the number of electric vehicles on the roads will go a long way toward environmental enhancement in Utah and toward potentially adding new choices to the selection of vehicles available for purchase by the driving public.

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