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Ask legislators on the House Natural Resources Committee to support SB 51 Secondary Water Metering Amendments!

Utah is the second driest state in the country, and water is an urgent issue for Utahns. However, our water consumption is consistently one of the highest in the nation, at somewhere between 167-237 gallons per capita per day. The true amount of water usage is unknown since the usage of secondary, untreated water for landscaping is infrequently metered. Conservation strategies cannot be put in place if we cannot measure our true water usage. SB 51 pushes water suppliers and residential customers to put in place secondary metering infrastructure.

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What would SB 51 Secondary Water Metering Amendments do?

  • Requires water suppliers to meter the use of secondary water for residential use by 2040 and provide flow and use information to the customers.
  • Creates a separate account of up to $10 million ongoing to provide grants up to 25% and loans up to 50% of meter installation costs through 2040.
  • Closes loopholes to ensure that secondary water usage is properly metered.
  • Requires water suppliers to supply education to customers of secondary water on how they can best conserve water and cut back on their usage.
  • Exempts non-urban counties in order to save money, so this bill includes only Cache, Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, Utah and Washington Counties.

This good bill passed unanimously in the Senate. Ask legislators on the House Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment Committee to vote YES on SB 51!

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  • At the 2019 Legislative Policy Summit, directors from the 4 largest water districts in the state strongly recommended secondary metering as a powerful tool to reduce water consumption.
  • The top recommendation of Envision Utah’s 2017 Recommended Water Strategy, a report that took 4 years and the input of tens of thousands of Utahns to create, is water conservation. But conservation strategies cannot be put in place without understanding water usage.
  • Our growing population is expected to more than double our demand for water by the year 2050 unless Utah enacts smart water conservation plans.
  • Secondary metering has been tried in Utah before. In 2015, the city of Saratoga Springs paid $3.5 million to install secondary water meters. In the long run, the city saved money because of increased water conservation by consumers.
  • According to Utah Foundations 2016 Utah Priorities Project, water supply and quality is a top 10 priority for Utahns, and 81% of Utahns are concerned about conservation.
  • Alternatives to water conservation are drastically expensive and potentially harmful to the natural resources and recreational opportunities Utahns enjoy and rely on for our high quality of life.

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