Improve air quality with HB 59!

February 27th, 2020|Action of the Day|0 Comments

Ask your state House rep to pass HB 59!

Air pollution is a top issue for Utahns, and vehicles currently produce more emissions than any other source at 42% of total emissions. Heavy duty vehicles are expensive fuel guzzlers, using as much fuel as what is needed to power 26 passenger vehicles and producing even greater emissions. According to the Utah Foundation’s 2019 report Driving Toward a Cleaner Future, these vehicles contribute anywhere from one third to one half of vehicle emissions in Utah. Heavy duty vehicles generally use diesel engines, which emit dangerous pollutants, nitrogen oxides, carbon, and high levels of particulates.

HB 59 is a good, bipartisan bill that would extend a pre-existing tax cut to encourage the purchase of more alternative fuel heavy duty vehicles instead of heavy emitters.
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What would HB 59 do?

HB 59 extends a pre-existing tax credit that expired at the end of 2019 to qualified taxpayers for the purchase of a qualified alternative fuel heavy duty vehicles, including commercial category 7 or 8 vehicles fueled by natural gas, or having a 100% electric or hydrogen-electric drivetrain. This tax credit incrementally decreases until the sunset date at the end of 2029.

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  • Although alternative fuel heavy duty vehicles are ultimately cost effective for businesses due to low operating costs, higher upfront price tags can deter businesses from investing in these lower emission vehicles. Tax credits help offset the upfront cost burden to encourage purchase of these more environmentally friendly vehicles.
  • Reducing the number of highly polluting heavy duty vehicles on Utah roads in favor of cleaner technologies can create long-term air quality improvements in Utah.
  • Vehicle emissions are currently estimated to produce 42% of Utah’s air pollution – more than any other source – with heavy duty vehicles producing one third to one half of those emissions. The Division of Air Quality predicts that as Utah’s population grows, air quality will decline if nothing more is done, even with the introduction of Tier 3 fuels and Tier 3 engines for passenger vehicles.
  • Better air can encourage economic stability and development and maintain our quality of life by encouraging citizens to continue to raise their families and grow their businesses in this state.
  • Air pollution is a public health issue. Better air quality can help decrease incidences of chronic and acute diseases, or even death caused by pollutants.

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