KRCL’s RadioActive – 2.27.2020

February 27th, 2020|In The News|0 Comments

RadioACTive is a show for grassroots activists and community builders, weeknights at 6 p.m. Be part of the conversation that makes your community better. Hosted by March for Our Lives Utah, Featuring: Extreme Risk Protection Order Bill with Rep. Joel Briscoe and Action Utah, A Review of the Gun Violence Prevention Rally, Protecting Better Boundries, Coronavirus Update

Extreme Risk Protection Order Act: 

  • Rep. Joel Briscoe, Utah House of Representatives District 25 on a bill he is running, the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act, that if passed into law would allow a court to issue a search warrant if a respondent refuses to surrender firearms and ammunition upon sevice of an order in cases where a protection order has been served to the respondent.
  • Monica Bellenger, of Action Utah talked about the history of ERPOs that have been passed in other states and the plea to reduce gun violence in Utah

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