BEFORE 8:40A TOMORROW! Pass HB 175 for better school metrics and teacher retention!

Ask legislators to pass HB 175 to improve our school accountability system for teachers, parents and kids!

Since 2011, Utah schools have received letter grades based on standardized student testing. With testing opt-out rates high at some schools, and other barriers to testing at others, these grades do not accurately reflect the quality of schools and result in family decisions that socioeconomically and racially stratify enrollment and funding decisions that unfairly punish some schools and negatively impact teacher retention. Recent problems with RISE testing scores highlight and exacerbate the issue with assessing schools using a single letter grade that is based solely on student test scores. While the State Board changed the dashboard during a grading moratorium, that moratorium has expired, and letter grades are being used once again.

HB 175 Education Accountability Metrics is a good, bipartisan bill that would remove the single letter grade in favor of more accurate, equitable and comprehensive metrics to improve teacher retention and provide better information to families and school administrators. All major education groups in Utah – plus the governor – support this bill. Ask legislators to pass HB 175 for the sake of Utah teachers, parents and kids.

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What would HB 175 Education Accountability Amendments do?

HB 175 eliminates the requirement that schools receive letter grades and changes associated funding policies related to turnaround and leadership. This good, bipartisan bill would allow for more accurate, equitable and comprehensive metrics to improve teacher retention and provide better information to families and school administrators. HB 175 passed unanimously in the House Committee and House floor, and is waiting to be considered in the Senate.

This bill passed unanimously in the House. Ask legislators on the Senate Government Operations Committee to vote YES on HB 175 BEFORE 8:40AM ON TUESDAY!

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  • This bill adds to the legacy of legislators like Senate President Adams and former Senate President Niederhauser. They passed school grading to make sure schools who were struggling could receive help. The current dashboard shows a wider range of more targeted data which can better direct areas where the legislature cab offer support to Utah Schools.
  • Supporters include Governor Herbert’s office and all major education groups in Utah support HB 175, including the Utah State School Board, Utah Education Association, Parent Teacher Association, American Federation of Teachers and the Utah State Superintendent Association. HB 175 also received unanimous votes in favor in the House. With teachers marching on the Capitol last week, a simple change to support their interests would go a long way to addressing teacher attrition and a statewide shortage of educators.
  • This bill saves time and lets the USBE do their best for students. Periodically, the State Board might need waivers due to issues with a testing provider or implementation of a new test or new academic standards. By allowing the dashboard to represent a broad range of data, waivers will be less likely. Employees of both the Capitol and the USBE will spend less time on this issue and can direct their efforts on truly improving student outcomes.
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