Three days left to take action to impact your priority issues!

Only three days of voting left on bills at the 2020 State Legislative Session, but it’s NOT TOO LATE to make a difference! Pick a bill that matters to you and take two minutes to take action. Remember, EVERY ACTION MATTERS! It’s our goal to mobilize over 1,000 letters to legislators this session. Each letter has the chance to change a mind or sway a vote. Send a letter now!



HB 207 Insulin Access Amendments – Allows state employees to purchase insulin through a bulk purchasing program to lower overall cost of the drug for certain patients.
Ask your Senator to vote Yes on HB 207!

HB 272 Pharmacy Benefit Amendments – Defines rules and regulations of pharmacy benefit managers in order to protect customers and pharmacists and reduce prescription drug costs. Thanks for your actions – this bill passed in committee yesterday and moves to a Senate floor vote!
Take action to pass HB 272!

HB 363 Public Employee’s Health Plan Amendments – Allows PEHP to enter into agreement with other state health plans to negotiate better rates on prescription drug prices.
Ask your Senator to vote yes on HB 363!

Air Quality

HB 59 Tax Credit for Alternative Fuel Heavy Duty Vehicles – Extends an existing tax credit for alternative fuel heavy duty vehicles through 2029 to encourage transition to cleaner technologies and reduce air pollution.
Take action to pass HB 59!

HB 259 Electric Vehicle Charging Network – Creates a state-wide electric vehicle charging network plan to build out charging stations every 50 miles along certain highways by Dec. 2025.
Take action to pass HB 259!


HB 334 Civics Education Amendments – Creates a civics engagement pilot program to assess the benefits of, and methods for, implementing a requirement to complete a civics engagement project as a condition for receiving a high school diploma.
Take action to pass HB 334!

HB 211 Renter Expenses Disclosure Requirements – Requires transparency through disclosure of all expenses charged to a renter by an owner to ensure the affordability of housing options for renters.
Ask your Senator to pass HB 211!

Suicide Prevention

HB 32 Crisis Services Amendments – Improves mental health services in Utah by creating a behavioral health receiving center pilot program and strengthens a statewide warm line.
Take action to pass HB 32!

HB 246 Mental Health Workforce Amendments – Requires the University of Utah Health Sciences to select two additional psychiatry residents in the 2021-22 academic year.
Take action to pass HB 246!

Good Government

HB 70 Repeal of Single-Mark Straight Ticket Voting – Removes straight ticket party voting and requires voting for the candidates on a ballot individually to update election policy and reduce confusion.
Take action to pass HB 70!

SB 173 Disrupting Legislative or Official Meetings – Amends the penalties relating to disturbing the Legislature or an official meeting in a way that would have a chilling effect on free speech and civic engagement.
Take action to amend SB 173!

Thank you for taking action!

Remember, EVERY ACTION MATTERS! Taking just two minutes to write a legislator about one of these bills can change a mind or sway a vote!

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