Pass HB 396 to expand EV charging stations across UT for clean air!

Ask your state senator to vote YES on HB 396 for clean air!

Consumers consistently rate sparse charging options as one of their largest concerns with purchasing an electric vehicle. This has had a real effect in Utah, where EV adoption rates lag behind the rest of the country, especially the West. Transitioning our vehicle stock to electric is of vital importance for both reducing our impact on the changing climate and slashing our pollutant emissions. Rocky Mountain Power has offered to invest $50M in additional electric vehicle charging infrastructure to help overcome this significant barrier to EV adoption. HB 396 provides a path for RMP and other utilities to contribute funding for public charging stations and recoup their investment.

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What would HB 396 Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure do?

  • Requires the Public Service Commission to authorize qualifying investments up to $50 million by large scale utilities, with the ability to increase investment beyond the limit if necessary
  • Allows large scale utilities to recoup their investment on vehicle charging infrastructure provided that it:
    • results in projects that reduce transportation emissions
    • demonstrates fiscally prudence
    • promotes the deployment of further electric vehicle charging infrastructure
  • Makes technical and definitional changes
(Remember to personalize your comments for the greatest impact! Why do YOU support this proposal?)

  • HB 396 presents a great example of how public and private interests can work together to tackle a public problem.
  • Along with HB 259, this bill is part of an important legislative push to increase state investment in electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
  • Currently, the state is in the middle of a transition to cleaner-burning Tier 3 fuels. While Tier 3 fuels may provide a brief respite from air pollution, it will not be enough as the state’s population rises and emissions balloon through 2030. We must transition away from dirty internal combustion engines towards clean electric vehicles. This bill is another step in that process.
  • By allowing large scale utilities with the expertise, connections, and capital to make the necessary investments, we can accelerate our journey towards a cleaner, healthier, and more environmentally conscious future.

How to make sure your letter is successful:

  1. Use a clear and specific subject heading.
  2. Start with a salutation (“Dear …”).
  3. Be CIVIL, PERSONAL and as CONCISE as possible.
  4. Mention that you are a CONSTITUENT and include your full address with zip code.
  5. Sign your name at the end.

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