Learn about coronavirus and earthquake response in Utah schools

March 18th, 2020|Action of the Day|0 Comments

Coronavirus is impacting all sectors of our communities. Here’s how to find out what actions are being taken and what resources are available in Utah public schools, such as:

  • School meals – Most districts have grab and go meals, but sites handle this differently. Check out the Emergency Meal Map from the Utah School Board of Education to find meal options near you. Some rural schools do not have this option due to long commutes for some students. Those districts recommend contacting Utah 211 for food assistance.
  • Electronics – Any district requiring online work have devices to check out.
  • Internet – Some districts have hotspots but others are asking people to do the free trial of Comcast.

In dealing with statewide dismissals, all districts are handling things a bit differently. For services and support, it’s best to check your school district homepage and/or contact the principal of your school for information.

PLEASE NOTE – With today’s earthquake, many of these services are being delayed in effected areas. 

It is imperative to check your local district website to learn about revised plans in response to the earthquake.

Specific District Info

Find info here for some of Utah’s largest school districts:

For Salt Lake City School District, electronics are being checked out for students in need and grab and go meals are available as well as hygiene kits being made available at Community Learning Centers: https://www.slcschools.org/news/2019-20/coronavirus-information/
In Granite District, rather than checkout electronics, printouts are available for students without internet access. Grab and go meals are also available: https://www.graniteschools.org/blog/2020/03/01/coronavirus-information/
Rural districts may have different policies than urban counterparts, but common among Utah districts is meals available for pick-up and options to obtain either Chromebooks and hot spots or use printed materials to complete work at home.


Please email us with subject “SCHOOL CORONAVIRUS INFO”. We are happy to update this post with additional helpful information.

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