URGENT: Protect Primary Elections as part of coronavirus response in Utah!

“What is best for voters?”

The Deseret News Editorial Board today suggested this is the most important question to keep in mind when considering possible changes to the 2020 Primary Election due to coronavirus.

At issue: stay at home policies and a ban on gatherings of 10 or more people have forced candidates to seeking a signature route to the primary ballot to forego collecting the necessary signatures to get there – which are due on April 11. In addition, candidates choosing the convention path to the primary ballot are unable to meet with delegates to win over votes. In both cases, the democratic process is askew.

Puerto Rico and 12 other states have taken steps to postpone or alter their Primary Elections in response to coronavirus. Ask Governor Herbert and Lt. Governor Cox to take action in Utah to ensure that the democratic process is protected during the 2020 elections!

Simply scroll down and click “Start Writing” to ask Governor Gary H. Herbert and Lieutenant Governor Spencer J. Cox to take immediate action to protect the 2020 Primary Elections in Utah!

What would HB 89 Workforce Development Incentives do?

HB 89 directs the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) to consider, as part of any applications for economic development incentives, whether a company has in place a robust plan for Working Parent Benefits. Companies can receive an income tax credit for providing childcare on site or close by, paid family care leave, flexible hours, partnerships with childcare entities to ensure placement, and a flexible spending account for childcare. HB 89 will help businesses address the persistent workforce need for affordable child care solutions

What would HB 187 Employer Tax Credit for Child Care do?

HB 187 would create a state income tax credit and other incentives to any employer providing or subsidizing child care for its employees during their working hours. Care facilities must be licensed by the state and the credit will be equal to 50% of the qualified child care expenses. The bill creates a cap of $50,000 per business. Statewide, $500,000 would be offered in credits annually through the Governor’s Office of Economic Development until the program sunsets in five years or is extended. HB 187 rewards businesses for becoming part of the childcare solution to build a prosperous economy and strong workforce.

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  • In the unusual circumstance of coronavirus, action must be taken to protect the democratic process in the 2020 Primary Elections in Utah.
  • According to the Deseret News: Twelve states and Puerto Rico have already postponed or altered their primary elections. Utah has several paths it could take to follow suit: It could extend signature gathering beyond the April 11 deadline. It could lower the number of signatures required to get on the ballot. Or it could suggest all candidates that registered to get on the ballot through the signature route be placed on the primary ballot.
  • Another option proposed by the Deseret News Editorial Board is: “The caucus and convention path to the primary ballot also poses significant challenges. With an altered convention, and no opportunity to promote new delegates at the now-canceled caucuses, one could argue all candidates who chose the convention path should also be included on the primary ballot.”
  • Although any action is challenging and likely to bring on legal challenges, so too is leaving the election as is. The most important consideration is what is best for voters.
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