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In the midst of coronavirus, the 2020 Elections continue onwards with some changes in party and official state practices to protect public health. However, with stay-at-home practices in place in many districts, coronavirus has effectively shut down signature collection for candidates, and candidates need more support than ever to help them overcome the first hurdle in the 2020 Elections: getting onto the primary ballot.

Candidates can get onto the primary ballot in one (or both) of the following ways:

  1. Selecting the petition route and collecting a sufficient number of qualified signatures by April 10
  2. Selecting the convention route and winning over sufficient delegate votes at their party’s county or state conventions (state conventions are April 25th)

Normally at this time candidates on either path are outside beating the pavement to solicit signatures and votes. But in the era of coronavirus, knocking on doors and meeting with delegates pose potential threats to public health. Candidates need help getting the word out and enough winning support to get on the ballot.


NOW is an important time to offer your help to candidates, with looming deadlines fast approaching on April 10th and through April 25th!

  • Volunteer – Contact a candidate of your choice and offer your time. Candidates may need help digitally soliciting petition signatures under temporary coronavirus email rules or reaching out to delegates virtually to solicit votes of support.
  • Offer your public support – Use social media as a megaphone to express support for your candidate (please consider asking your candidate the best way to message your support to ensure you are truly helping their cause!).
  • Donate – Candidate campaigns have constant expenses. A donation of any size can help, and there is no campaign contribution limit for individual donors.
  • Pledge to vote in 2020 – Commit to voting for your candidate in the Primary and General elections by taking the 2020 Voter Pledge!

Take the 2020 voter pledge

Supporting Gubernatorial Candidates

If you wish to support a Democratic candidate for the Governor’s race follow any of the steps above.

If you wish to support a Republican candidate for the Governor’s race who has not yet met the threshold for signatures to get on the ballot:

  • You must be registered as a Republican to sign a nomination petition for your candidate of choice. You can easily change or claim your affiliation to Republican if you have not already by visiting
  • Electronically sign a nomination petition for your candidate of choice – Go to the candidate’s website to find info on how you can download, sign, and email your form back to the candidate.

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