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April 13th, 2020|Action of the Day|0 Comments

Legislative sources report that a special session will likely be held by the Utah State Legislature on Wednesday or Thursday of this week to address a number of state concerns due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. The session will begin with actions by the House and will be followed with actions by the Senate. The April Special Session will be unique in history, as it will take place online instead of in person at the State Capitol Building. A practice session will be held tonight to work out technical kinks.

YOU can have a voice in the issues being decided!

According to Utah Policy, the agenda for the Special Session could include the following:

  • Making changes to the state budget because of the COVID-19 outbreak
  • Adjusting the current fiscal year following the change in the tax filing date from April to July, which shifts revenue from this year into next
  • Appropriating federal money that’s part of the coronavirus stimulus bill and make other changes
  • Adjusting unemployment insurance and the state’s worker’s compensation fund to match changes on the federal level approved by Congress so that Utahns who are out of work can access it more easily.
  • Providing rental/utility and business assistance
  • Exploring how to re-open businesses once the main danger from the coronavirus has passed
  • Expanding the state’s “right to try” legislation to include experimental treatments for COVID-19 – The 2015 law allows terminally ill patients to access medical treatments not approved by the FDA
  • Moving the state’s primary election from June to July
  • Preempting the ability of local governments to enact harsher restrictions than the rest of the state to curb the coronavirus and the governmental use of emergency powers

Do any of these issues matter to you? Do you have an opinion about which way your legislators vote on one or more of the potential agenda items?  Do you have a personal story or expertise that could help in form their votes? NOW is the time to reach out to your House rep and state senator to let them know!

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