Tell Us Your Health Care COVID-19 Story

Recently, the Utah state legislature called itself into a special session to discuss policies that could, ostensibly, mitigate the damage that the pandemic has caused on the state economy. In an effort to maintain social distancing and due to the urgent nature of the work, the session was held online and lacked the normal public participation that we see in normal policymaking at the state level.

As has become apparent in our outreach with public health professionals, clinicians, housing advocates, and other stakeholders, not everyone is being impacted the same way by this pandemic. With a part-time legislature made up of real estate developers, tech professionals, teachers, trapeze artists, etc, our policymakers need to rely on us, their constituents to tell them how policies and events impact us and the populations we serve and love.

What you can do

As part of our effort to help you have a voice in policy and decision making in Utah, we would like to hear how coronavirus and the subsequent stay at home orders have impacted you.

  • Do you work with a vulnerable population?
  • Do you work at a hospital, care center, or another place that has experienced specific adjustments in protocols or procedures?
  • How do you feel about the decision to stay at home?
  • How do you feel about the decision to open up?
  • Can your experiences influence health care policy in our state?

Please comment below. Share a few sentences to a few paragraphs about how you have been impacted by the Coronavirus, or share how better policy could make your job or life easier for your friends, family, and populations you serve.

If you don’t have a personal story, perhaps your friend, family member, or neighbor does. Forward this to them and ask them to participate in order to help lawmakers know what can be done to best help our state after this devastating experience.

We are asking for your address so that legislators know what part of the state your story is from.

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