Share your Coronavirus Story to Impact Health Care Policy

At Action Utah, our mission is to empower Utahns from both sides of the aisle to get civically engaged and impact the issues they care about most. We know that one of those issues is health care and health care policy, especially at this time.

Our policymakers rely on us, their constituents, to tell them how policies and events impact the populations we serve and love and ourselves. Whether you are staying home to flatten the curve or are out in the world conducting essential work, we are working to help you have a voice in policy and decision making in Utah.

We are collecting stories to share with decision-makers on your behalf to impact the issues you care about most!


Please take a moment to share below how the coronavirus and the subsequent stay at home orders have impacted you.

  • Do you work with a vulnerable population?
  • Do you work at a hospital, care center, or another place that has experienced specific adjustments in protocols or procedures?
  • How do you feel about the decision to stay at home?
  • How do you feel about the decision to open up?
We are asking for your address so that legislators know what part of the state your story is from.

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