Share Your Health Care Coronavirus Story By Writing A Letter To The Editor

This week we’ve been asking you to share your story with us, now we are asking you to share it with an even wider audience. Nothing is more powerful than a personal story, and sharing your experience during the novel coronavirus pandemic can have a direct impact on how the general public and decision-makers craft legislation around the issues you care about most.

A letter to the editor is only 200 words — or less!

Here are some other fun facts about letters to the editor (LTEs):

  • Anyone can write one, no matter their experience level
  • Action Utah can help you write and submit effective LTEs
  • LTEs can help sway public opinion, draw attention to an issue and sway votes and policy decisions

So what are you waiting for?


Download our Guide: How to Write a Letter to the Editor for tips and step-by-step instructions on writing and submitting your own LTE. DOWNLOAD HERE

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