Take Action To Safeguard Utah’s Multi-Cultural Community

Yesterday Governor Herbert unveiled Utah Leads Together 3.0 (You can watch the press conference here). The recovery plan, prepared by the Economic Response Task Force, presents “critical instructions for high-risk populations, addresses impacts to Utah’s multi-cultural community, and plants seeds for Utah’s ultimate recovery.” Included in the plan are directives coming from a multi-cultural subcommittee representing members of Utah’s diverse population who possess expertise working with marginalized communities.

The subcommittee found many barriers to recovery in the multi-cultural community including the lack of access to language and literacy accessible information and the lack of culturally inclusive messaging, issues that community health workers can help to combat. The plan includes a list of both short and long term priorities to ensure that those who are living in marginalized communities are included as Utah travels along the path to recovery.

Two such priorities are those which we have been discussing this week:

  • To amplify and elevate efforts community advocates are already engaged in – Including community health workers and grassroots initiatives.
  • To Influence policy initiatives for inclusive practices – Prioritize equitable distribution of state and local resources.

The multi-cultural subcommittee declares that success in Utah’s economic recovery will require immediate and continuous investments in these and their other outlined efforts to ensure success.

Make your voice heard on this issue! Let your legislators know you support the findings of the subcommittee and that you support funding for the proposed priorities.


  • Read this oped to familiarize yourself with the disparities within our communities and best practices for how to close that gap.
  • The CDC has developed a great resource to help better understand the place contact tracing can have in combatting the pandemic. Click here to learn about contact tracers and why it is important to advocate for them as a key component to opening the economy safely.
  • Look over Gov. Herbert’s Utah Leads Together 3.0 plan, specifically looking at the recommendations starting on page 9 for multicultural communities.
  • Funding for community health workers will enable the state to help the hardest hit communities during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Funding for trained contact tracers will help us manage spikes in cases and prevent spread as we resume business and activities in the state.
  • Do you have a personal story about how these resources would benefit you or your community? Share it!

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How to make sure your letter is successful:

  1. Use a clear and specific subject heading.
  2. Start with a salutation (“Dear …”).
  3. Be CIVIL, PERSONAL and as CONCISE as possible.
  4. Mention that you are a CONSTITUENT and include your full address with zip code.
  5. Sign your name at the end.

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