Weigh In On Transit Plans For Clean Air

Yesterday we spoke about the measures to improve air quality outlined in the Governor’s Utah Leads Together 3.0 plan. One major area of focus in that recovery plan centers around transportation and transit. If you haven’t already, scroll down and use our simple tool to thank your legislators for their progress on clean air and encourage them to support research, incentives, and innovation in clean air technology as a way to “return to better” as outlined by Gov. Herbert’s Economic Response Task Force.

Once you have done that, there are additional steps you can take to make an impact on better public transit for cleaner air. With the ever-changing growth and development of the Point of the Mountain area of the south Salt Lake Valley, from now until June 3, the Utah Transit Authority is seeking public input on plans for public transit in the region. Ordinarily, this would be an in-person public meeting, but due to the pandemic, the forum has moved online. Scroll down to learn more and make your voice heard on this issue!


  • Thank legislators for the work they have done in the past to support clean air measures and funding.
  • Mention the Utah Leads Together 3.0 recommendations for future focus to “Research, invest, incentivize, and empower innovations in alternative vehicle technology development and infrastructure — along with transportation, transit, and other mobility solutions — to improve air quality.” (Strategic Investment Option 8, page 15)
  • Offer to share The Utah Road Map from the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute as a reference for future legislation.
  • Do you have a personal story about how better air quality would benefit you or your community? Share it!

Scroll down to write your letter using our simple email tool.

How to make sure your letter is successful:

  1. Use a clear and specific subject heading.
  2. Start with a salutation (“Dear …”).
  3. Be CIVIL, PERSONAL and as CONCISE as possible.
  4. Mention that you are a CONSTITUENT and include your full address with zip code.
  5. Sign your name at the end.

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