How to participate in Interim and Special Sessions – this week!

Interim Session is a time when our part-time state legislators gather at the State Capitol to propose, discuss and debate policies to address issues facing our state today. Interim Sessions happen once a month between May and November and are open to the public, making Interim a prime way to learn about our political system and how to impact it. Community members may sit in on all meetings or listen in online live or after the fact. (Find out more about Interim with our handy resource.)

A special session will likely be convened on Thursday, June 18th, possibly spilling into Friday, June 19th. The session would be considered the “2020 Fifth Special Session” and will focus on budget cuts made necessary by the coronavirus pandemic as well as police reform legislation. Special Sessions can be called by the Utah Legislature or the Governor when there are urgent policy or budget members that require discussion and votes by the Legislature between General Sessions. Special Sessions are open to the public and include opportunity for public comment.


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