HAPPENING NOW: Support a bill banning knee-on-neck chokeholds in Utah!

In the midst of ongoing protests after George Floyd’s death and public pressure to address policy actions against black people, initial actions have been taken in Salt Lake City and the Governor’s Office to create reforms, including banning chokeholds by Salt Lake Police and Utah Highway Patrol. 

On Tuesday, state lawmakers took a first step in banning knee-on-neck chokeholds throughout the state after a new bill by Rep. Sandra Hollins (D-Salt Lake) was supported with a unanimous vote in the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Interim Committee. HB 5007 Peace Officer Amendments, which will be floor sponsored in the Senate by Sens. Evan Vickers (R-Cedar City) and Luz Escamilla (D-Salt Lake), will get a vote in the full House and Senate TODAY.


Voice your support for this important bill by contacting your state senator and state representative using our easy email tool ASAP – legislators will vote on HB 5007 TODAY! 

BONUS: Listen live online as legislators vote on this bill using the Reading Calendars on the state legislative website to watch the floor debates in the House and Senate during the Legislative Special Session, which starts at 9:30a this morning. Learn more about the 2020 5th Special Session here.

What does HB 5007 Peace Officer Amendments do?

  • bans police officers from using “knee-on-neck” chokeholds
  • prohibits Utah’s police academy or local agencies from teaching new officers how to use chokeholds, carotid restraints or “any act that impedes the breathing or circulation of blood likely to produce a loss of consciousness” as a valid form of restraint — but doesn’t outright ban officers from using them
  • says officers would be investigated by a county attorney if they do use a prohibited knee-on-neck chokehold

(Remember to personalize your comments for the greatest impact! Why do YOU support this proposal?)

  • Data across the country and in Utah shows enormous public support for protesters and actions to combat racism in our police systems. HB 5007 takes the important step of eradicating an inhumane and deadly practice, helping our communities to feel safer.
  • This bipartisan bill passed unanimously in the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Interim Committee and has 29 House co-sponsors from both parties.
  • Passing HB 5007 is an important first action by the Utah Legislature, and hopefully one of many to create a greater understanding within the legislative branch about systemic racism and implicit bias and to produce policies that combat racism.
  • Do you have a personal story about how this change in the law would impact you or someone you know? Share it!
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