Vote! And participate in the Primary Election

The Primary Election is June 30th!

The upcoming Primary Election is an important avenue for getting your voice heard. In districts with a supermajority of voters in one party or the other, the winner of the primary election is often the winner of the general election, and the selection of the party candidate is as important as the final vote in November.

Remember, in Utah EVERY. VOTE. MATTERS. Some elections are won or lost by only a handful of votes – or even by a coin toss when there is a tie vote! In those cases, just one person or one family can decide the outcome of an election.

But participating in the election can mean more than just voting. Here are a few ways you can participate this week in the 2020 Primary Election.


Fill out your ballot following the ballot instructions and drop it in a drop box or put it in the mail to be postmarked by Election Day on June 30th.

The coronavirus pandemic has made it challenging for candidates to get in front of voters. They need volunteers and resources to spread information and reach out to potential constituents. Contact a candidate to find out how you can volunteer and/or donate to a campaign if you are able.

  • BONUS ACTION: Do you support a candidate, but don’t have time to volunteer on a campaign? Post about your candidate on social media and encourage others to vote for them.

Commit to voting in 2020 – both in the Primary and the General Election – and Action Utah will keep you posted about important election deadlines and information to ensure you can cast your vote successfully.

  • BONUS ACTION: Invite others to take the Voter Pledge by sharing it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

The 2020 Primary Election will be held entirely by mail. Learn how to fill out and cast a mail-in ballot.

  • BONUS ACTION: Spread mail-in ballot information with others by sharing this video on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.

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