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Action Utah was founded in 2016 when a surge of Utahns from all political parties and geographic areas of the state wanted to get more civically engaged, but lacked the time, resources and knowledge to do so. Our founders realized from the beginning that we needed to establish a set of core values with which to inform and mobilize Utahns in the most inclusive and meaningful ways and to guide the advocacy work of community members to ensure that their engagement is most effective. We call our core values “The Action Utah Way.”

Over the past four years the Action Utah Way has proven time and again to be an important guiding light for effective advocacy and engagement within Utah’s culture and political climate. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the Action Utah Way to inform your civic engagement and help guide you to make the impact you want to make on the issues you care about most.



Using an issues-focussed approach to advocacy work, Action Utah erases political party lines and brings together members, volunteers, advocates, stakeholders and elected officials from all political affiliations. We encourage community members and decision makers to listen to multiple perspectives and seek to address public problems together.

Bridge Building

We cross aisles, connect resources, and find common ground. Why? Because we believe that better solutions come from learning about all sides of a problem, incorporating feedback, and working together. We encourage decision-makers and community advocates to practice bridge building toward solutions to public problems.

Civil Discourse

Relationships are the key to making an impact — whether you are moving mountains or pushing pebbles. Good relationships stem not from anger and judgment but from civil and trusted interactions. We encourage Utahns and their representatives to listen to each other and build long-term relationships that are built on civility and respect.

Fact-Based Solutions

Not all solutions that are proposed and implemented work. Research can go a long way toward informing best practices and solutions that are most likely to succeed. We seek progress on the biggest issues we face as a state using research and evidence to find the best solutions.

We see value in the diversity of our Utah communities. Bringing together different perspectives, opinions, stories, data sets and ideas can help us better understand and respect each other and the variety of beliefs and needs in our state. 

Consider following the values of the Action Utah Way in your advocacy work to bring a wealth of perspective and information to your cause as you work to improve our communities and strengthen our democracy. 

As we continue to inform and engage Utahns to impact Utah’s top issues, our team vows to keep our focus on the issues, the solutions and the stakeholders, not the hyperpartisanship or divisive rhetoric that can muddy solutions and halt progress. Whether we’re in our office drafting strategies or up on Capitol Hill lobbying for bills, know that Action Utah is, and always will be, following the Action Utah Way to be Your Voice in Action.


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