Build relationships with your representatives to make an impact

August 10th, 2020|Action of the Day|0 Comments

Our state legislators are public servants. They exist to serve Utahns, advocating for their voices, staying informed on current issues, and crafting or supporting legislation that benefits Utahns. However, many Utahns don’t have any further contact with their state legislators beyond casting a vote on their ballot. 

Contacting your elected officials about your top issues may seem like a daunting or even tedious task, and many community members wonder if it matters to reach out to their legislators at all. The answer is absolutely YES.

At Action Utah, we see every day how Utahns from all walks of life change minds and sway votes simply by reaching out to their elected officials with factual data and/or personal stories presented in a civil and respectful manner. State legislators tell us time and again that they want to hear from their constituents. These part time elected officials appreciate gaining a deeper understanding of the issues and of where their constituents stand – even if you disagree with them. 

What’s more? Getting to know your representatives helps you better understand their beliefs and their stances on the issues to inform your advocacy and your votes come election time.

We are incredibly fortunate in Utah to be able to access our own state legislators simply by sending an email or picking up the phone! And the better relationship we have with our elected officials, the more they will listen to us, value our opinions and even potentially seek us out for trusted information. Remember, every time you send an email or make a phone call, your are building a relationship. Start building a good relationship with your state legislators now so you have their ear when decisions are being made!


  • Find out who represents you at any level of government. Record their contact information in your smartphone for easy reference.
  • Use our resource to learn How to Contact your Reps at any level of government. You can even try out contacting your state legislators next week during Interim Session!
  • Learn more about your state legislators by signing up for their email lists, following them on social media and using our 2020 Vote Tracker to find out how they voted on dozens of bills across Utah’s top issues.

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