URGENT: Make a public comment on the Lake Powell Pipeline through Sept 8th!

September 4th, 2020|URGENT Action|0 Comments

The Lake Powell Pipeline is a large-scale water diversion project that would siphon off 83,00-86,000 cubic feet of water from Lake Powell to Southern Utah for a cost of $2.4 billion to Utah taxpayers. Conservationists and water experts believe the project to be unnecessary, damaging to fish and wildlife species, desert lands and sacred areas and enormously expensive to Utah taxpayers and Washington County residents, who will see 400-600% increases in water rates to pay for the project.

At the same time, an abundance of less-expensive alternatives exist to provide water for the future. Even the Utah Department of Water Resources has admitted there is no need for the Lake Powell Pipeline.

During a global pandemic, when economic resources of the state, county and Utah taxpayers are strained, and additional resources are needed to address the spread of the public health and economic implications of the virus, should Utah taxpayers be saddled with the enormous financial burden of the Lake Powell Pipeline?

The Provo Office of Bureau of Reclamation is taking public comment on this through September 8th. Make your voice heard and speak out on your feelings about the Lake Powell Pipeline.

What you can do

Make a public comment to the Provo Office of Bureau of Reclamation by 11:59p on September 8th!


#1 Mail:

Lake Powell Pipeline Project
Bureau of Reclamation,
Provo Area Office
302 East Lakeview Parkway
Provo, Utah 84606

#2 Email:

Email Public Your Comments to the Bureau’s Provo Office – CLICK HERE

Suggested Talking Points

1. The Provo Office of the Bureau of Reclamation has narrowed the purpose of the project to only consider building the Lake Powell Pipeline, rather than a broader purpose, such as providing water for future generations. This eliminates all water conservation alternatives and using water from future farmland conversion.

2. The Provo Office has ignored the Bureau’s own climate change studies which demonstrate the Colorado River won’t satisfy expected uses 1 in every 4 to 5 years by the year 2060.

3. The Provo Office has refused to acknowledge the effects of the required 400% – 600% increases in water rates to Washington County residents to pay for the $2.4 billion Pipeline. These draconian increases in water rates will drop water use so low that Lake Powell Pipeline water will never be needed.

4. The municipal water use in Washington County is over 300 gallons per person per day, more than twice the U.S. average, yet the Provo Office of the Bureau immediately ruled out more serious water conservation efforts as an alternative to the costly Pipeline.

5. The Utah Legislative Audit on the Lake Powell Pipeline clearly noted that any recession would severely impact the Washington County Water District’s ability to repay pipeline debt.

For further information to inform your comment, you can visit https://lake-powell-pipeline.org/

To see the Lake Powell Pipeline Draft EIS, visit https://www.usbr.gov/uc/DocLibrary/EnvironmentalImpactStatements/LakePowellPipeline/index.html

[This action was adapted from Utah Rivers Council]

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