How to help Get Out The Vote – RIGHT NOW!

October 5th, 2020|URGENT Action|0 Comments

Many Utahns are fired up about helping to get people to the polls to participate in the 2020 Election. Here are some specific ways you can help get out the vote – starting right now!


Action Utah

Action Utah needs help spreading the word about our Voter Pledge, Elections Hub resources (such as our 2020 Voter Guide and What’s On Your Ballot events and event videos) – two efforts to inform and mobilize voters. The concept behind the Voter Pledge is that people who actively make a commitment to voting are more likely to cast a ballot. 

  • “Spreading the word” means taking the Voter Pledge and sharing it with others, sharing our informational emails, sharing/liking/commenting on our social media posts and sharing the above resources on social media. All these things broaden our reach and help us make a greater impact. 


Voterise continues to register people to vote, even during the pandemic. They continue to seek 2020 Ambassadors to help women register to vote in particular. 

  • Sign up to volunteer here. The voter registration deadline is Oct 23rd.

Support a Candidate

Last week we wrote about how you can support local candidates. Learn more here.


Vote Forward 

Vote Forward is hosting a nonpartisan letter writing drive (with a “Big Send” date on Oct 17) to encourage people in different areas of the country to vote. The concept behind this is that data shows that voters who receive a personalized letter are more likely to cast a ballot.

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