3 things YOU can do in the aftermath of the election

November 9th, 2020|Action of the Day|0 Comments

What an unusual election year it has been! The election has been called, but not yet certified, and numerous lawsuits and recounts will continue to dominate the news for the next few weeks. You may be glued to election coverage, confused and frustrated by it all, tired of the election and just want it all to be over, or all of the above. Regardless of your views on the election, here are three things you can do now:

The U.S. has experienced close elections, recounts and lawsuits before. But never before have everyday voters been forced to understand the intricacies of varying state election laws. And never before have different types of ballots so clearly leaned in different partisan directions. 

With all the misinformation out there about election fraud and heated discussions around vote counts, we wanted to bring you the following reliable resources to help you follow what is happening with the presidential vote count up until the 2020 election is certified. 

Both sides have called for a fair election that heeds the will of the people, but there are differing views on what that means. Recounts are a common procedure in states where vote tallies are close and historically do not result in a change in outcome for the election. Legal actions by Trump and the GOP are underway in several states with the hope that something will “stick”. Ultimately, courts will decide on the legal challenges. You can get an update on all the lawsuits Trump has filed and the likely outcome here.

No matter the final outcome, lawsuits calling for recounts, stopping vote counts, investigating elections, etc, cost enormous amounts of money on both sides. And political support for and against such legal actions can be swayed by public pressure. In Utah some political leaders have called for every ballot to be counted and ask Utahns to be patient and allow vote counters to do their jobs while others are actively supporting lawsuits alleging voting irregularities

To support or oppose these efforts you can:

  • Contact political leaders directly to ask for their public support or opposition to an effort. Find out who represents you at vote.utah.gov and use these Tips for Contacting Your Elected Officials.
  • Donate to political or advocacy groups involved in the legal action and protecting the voter’s voice
  • Join a rally near you

The current state of division in our country is exhausting and overwhelming to many. But, as the Deseret News Editorial Board wrote last week, our nation can heal – just as it has at times of great division in the past. But how and when we heal is up to all of us. 

“No matter what the outcome of this election, ultimately what matters most is what we do locally. How we respond personally. That’s the only place real change will take hold.” — Shaylyn Romney Garrett (Utahn and co-author of “The Upswing”)

Here are some places to start:

  • Reconnect – Put the election behind you and reinvite people with whom you disagree politically back into your life. Care for those who lost the election and help them feel that they are understood and that they belong. This will help turn our country around on the “I-We-I” curve toward cohesiveness, shared prosperity and community wellbeing in a culture that celebrates our diversity
  • Give thanks – Spend time with friends or family talking about the things you are grateful for in your life.
  • Give to others – Donate to organizations helping people in need, host a food drive, donate blood. There are many dire needs in Utah right now. To name a few good places to donate:
  • Spend time in natureStudies show that time in the great outdoors heals the body and the mind, brings happiness and even makes people more productive and focused.
  • Read a good book or watch a good movie or TV series – Find book, movie and TV lists here.

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