Action Utah is making a big transition – we are becoming a part of Better Utah!

November 16th, 2020|Action of the Week|2 Comments


Announcing Action Utah’s move to the Better Utah Institute

It has been an enormous honor to serve the people of Utah for the past four years. Action Utah was built from a dream about an engaged and powerful electorate. By combining the hard work of a passionate team and the support and participation of thousands of Utahns, we have achieved great successes and made progress happen together. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for every letter you wrote, every event you attended, every resource you used and every dollar you gave. 

Action Utah has had a tremendous year informing and engaging Utahns to ensure our voices are heard in the halls of a government built to represent us. We’re especially proud that: 

  • Utahns took 65,800 actions through Action Utah in 2020 to grow their civic engagement skills, learn about the issues and make an impact on the issues they care about most – that’s 32% more actions than we anticipated!
  • Action Utah’s membership grew 40% over the course of the year – bringing together over 9,500 Utahns from both sides of the aisle who seek to improve our communities. 
  • Over 3,000 people used our voter guides and over 10,500 people viewed videos of our informational election events.
  • Nearly 5,000 Utahns accessed our resources to learn about legislative advocacy and over 1,300 Utahns used our Bill Tracker to follow the legislative process and take action during the Legislative Session.
  • And Utahns sent over 2,000 unique letters to elected officials using Action Utah’s calls to action.

At the same time, 2020 has been a challenging year for Action Utah – as it has been for so many organizations and individuals in our state and nation. While civic engagement has never been so important, we face the reality of not having sufficient resources to continue the critical work of informing and engaging Utahns on our own into 2021.

Fortunately, Action Utah has the opportunity to join forces with the Better Utah Institute – a nonpartisan organization with a common mission to inform Utahns and grow civic engagement. While we are sad to be closing our doors at Action Utah, we are excited that the Better Utah team will continue the important work we began four years ago and will build upon it toward a unified vision for engaged Utahns and a government that hears them.

Our team is committed to a smooth transition that results in a stronger single organization at the Better Utah Institute under the leadership of the Better Utah team.

Although it is no small sadness to close the Action Utah shop, it is with excitement that we bring the important work of Action Utah to a terrific organization dedicated to helping Utahns make a difference in their communities. This moment is neither a goodbye nor an end – but rather the beginning of a new chapter of civic engagement work in Utah. And so it is with enthusiasm that we invite you to join us at the Better Utah Institute!

Thank you for being a part of Action Utah for the past four years. May we all continue to make a meaningful impact together for years to come in order to build a Better Utah!


Andrea Himoff, Action Utah Co-Founder and Executive Director
Katie Lieberman, Action Utah Co-Founder and Board Chair

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Action Utah is moving its bounty of 501(c)(3) resources and programming into the Better Utah fold and forming a single organization under the Better Utah Institute name, management and mission.
Action Utah’s 501(c)(4) work in policy, advocacy and direct lobbying will cease and will not transition to Better Utah.

  • site will remain in operation during the transition, but our work will be moving to Better Utah.
  • Action Utah will be petitioning Facebook to move followers to the Better Utah Institute account
  • Action Utah’s Instagram and Twitter accounts will be transitioning to the Better Utah Institute username, branding, and messaging on Dec. 1

This transition is already underway, with Better Utah Institute already at work incorporating Action Utah assets into its strategic planning, programming and website structure. Although the Action Utah organization will dissolve by the end of 2020, the transition of Action Utah resources and programming to the Better Utah Institute will continue into 2021.

  • Action Utah staff member Melissa Nelson-Stippich will join Alliance for a Better Utah as Civic Engagement Coordinator.
  • Upon approval by the Better Utah Institute Board, Action Utah co-founder and executive director, Andrea Himoff, will join the board of the Better Utah Institute to oversee the transition and support Better Utah’s work.
  • Action Utah’s other co-founder and board chair, Katie Lieberman, will continue in her role as board member at Better Utah

Please consider a donation to support the transition of Action Utah’s resources and programming and to ensure that our work to empower Utahns continues to thrive and grow at the Better Utah Institute.



  1. Dixie Huefner November 16, 2020 at 9:12 am

    Andrea and Katie,
    Thanks for all your good work and energy. Is Better Utah Institute the 501(c)(3) arm of Alliance for a Better Utah? Hope the merger is a great success for both groups.

  2. Melissa Nelson-Stippich November 16, 2020 at 9:33 am

    It is the 501(c)(3) arm of Alliance for a Better Utah, that’s correct. The Better Utah Institute is a great fit because they share with Action Utah the goal of nonpartisan education programs to get more Utahns civically engaged. We are excited to marry our resources with their wonderful programs like their series of debates and #propwatch.

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